Coffee and Cake

I might well have called a previous post by the same title. It rings a bell but I can’t find it so no matter. If I categorised the posts, as I did when I first started blogging, it would be easier of course. Anyhow, I’ve nothing specific to say so this will be a mish-mash post of this and that….just as if I were sitting having a coffee with a friend. Cake and coffee is best so take a seat and help yourself to a virtual slice of cherry and walnut, chocolate orange or caramel crunch. Actually these are ones I’ve made previously and right now in real life, we only have cherry and almond buns made yesterday as I had a couple of bags of ground almonds which needed using up. Polenta cake also uses almonds, so maybe tomorrow I’ll make one of those for the freezer. I love polenta cake though some people don’t like the grainy texture. A recipe for 3-ingredient cheese scones made with yogurt promised a very light fluffy version so I had a go at those too. They tested good but not as good as conventionally made ones, and they weren’t particularly fluffy. I also made some raw ‘energy balls.’ These are ideal for husband to take when he goes off walking (alone at present as the rambling club can’t meet). The health food stores sell these at a ridiculously high price. Also from the 3-ingredient recipe book (where they are shown as bars but mine broke up too easily so balls were more practical), they consist of only mixed nuts, dried fruit and dates. They taste delicious but there is one big drawback – they are extremely high in calories!

Talking of coffee, we now have a coffee machine and are enjoying it very much. When my daughter was staying here I really struggled to get to grips with hers so I decided that we should get one the same as the one in my office at work – a Bosch Tassimo. Having mastered that, I thought that it would make life easier. It has done, and now the only problem is to limit myself to my ‘rarely more than one cup and never more than two cups a day’ self imposed rule.

A chat with friends usually strays into the area of what’s going on in the world. Such a lot of choice! The difficulties being experienced by haulage and logistics companies due to the documentation required to export goods post-Brexit is all too close to home, or should I say close to work? With the trade agreement being reached so late in the day, it has meant a massive headache for companies such as the one I work for, even though we are, in fact, way ahead of many others. Every day I hear my colleagues despair at the volume and complexity of licences, permits and cross- border documentation. We’ve taken on a number of additional staff and expect to need more in the near future. It will all sort itself out in time but to expect people to grasp everything over Christmas week and to be up and running immediately is a big ask, and an unfair one. For unrelated reasons, I’ve done several hours overtime this week. I might resent it more if it was impinging on my social life but, as we all know, a social life is something we used to have.

Journalist Alexandra Schulman has annoyed me today. She includes herself in the baby boomers who, because they have had the vaccine, believe that they will soon be free to visit restaurants, the cinema and gyms in “the glorious knowledge that they are no longer under threat” . How selfish and irresponsible, given that it is highly likely that they will still be able to pass the virus onto others. I’m a baby boomer too, but what I say to Ms. Schulman and others who think this is the right thing to do is – GROW UP!

As a front line health care worker, elder son had his first covid vaccine yesterday afternoon. Who’d ever have though that I’d be sending him a text message asking, ‘Pfizer or Astra Zeneca?’ and that he’d know exactly what I meant! So many new words in our lexicon. I shall be able to worry a little less about him once it has taken effect. Younger son’s health issues will mean that he is included in the high priority list of the vulnerable so hopefully he will not have to wait too long. I wonder if the Government’s targets will be met. We would probably have been up and running with a greater number of vaccines in the early weeks if the initial requirements for volunteer vaccinators were less stringent. Of course we can’t just have ‘anybody’ but so long as they have been properly trained and adequately assessed, whether of not my vaccinator had two A levels and had undergone terrorist training is of no importance to me. It’s good news to hear that a third vaccine had been approved, though according to a newspaper report this morning, it will not be available until the spring.

I started reading another Hilary Boyd book yesterday – A Most Desirable Marriage – and it’s shaping up very well. I do like the fact that she writes about older women. We are a bit of a forgotten species when it comes to books. Although I’ve always read a lot, this past year has been exceptional. I wouldn’t want to guess at a number but definitely well into three figures. Books are a constant in conversations with some of my friends and many that I have enjoyed have been recommendations.

Today is not quite as cold as it has been and thank goodness, the snow has disappeared. My highly negative feelings about snow are well documented in this blog, but the younger grandsons enjoyed it and I’m glad they’ve had the opportunity to do so.


  1. I am so over entitled people such as the woman you mentioned. Sadly I have very discreetly turned my back on so many of these sort of people with whom I once spent time – but now? I can’t be doing with the illogical nasty ranting and raving about our wonderful prime minister, and the same people believing that they are too important? special? whatever, to get that virus. I am amazed. And also those darned stupid conspiracy theories. Hmm… this is actually sounding like a rant…..

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    • Your comments serve to remind me that it’s not only in Britain that people are frustrated with some of their fellow citizens. At times I think I will stop reading the newspaper and watching t the news because it makes me so mad!

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  2. I enjoyed your coffee and cake chat, this morning! Well, it just turned 12 noon, my time, but, it was still technically morning when I started reading! 😀 I, too, received several comments like the one you had, about baby boomers and what the commenter thought of them; I, too, chose to send them to the spam folder and deleted them! These days, I’m receiving a lot of comments of a sexual nature which are also being deleted! A bloggers life is never dull, is it? LOL.

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    • What a shame the coffee and cake had to be virtual; we’re all missing friends and company. LOL, I know what you mean. Some of the ‘products’ I am offered are mind-boggling! Thank goodness for the core of followers who are perfectly pleasant.


  3. Wow-scrumptious looking cakes! I finished another jigsaw from stash (2019) and have now glued it ready to frame. It’s a Gibsons one-Buttons and Beads-and it’s destined for my workroom wall. Hope to finally get out for a walk tomorrow as the ice and snow have melted finally.

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    • It’s years since I did a jigsaw. I think lots of us have re-discovered activities in the past year with outings being few and far between. Husband and I have been playing Scrabble and hadn’t done so for ages


  4. I have n ever heard of Alexander Shulman but can assure you that as a boomer myself, now 73 I have heard nothing about vaccines in my area, SW England, I think rural areas will be left until last and the priority seems to be 96 years old in urban areas. Apparently it is 10 weeks between jabs and even then you must wait for another 21 days before mixing. I do wish these journalists would be more responsible in their writing and they also cause inter generational conflict. Alice Cove.

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    • I wish they would too, Alice. You’re right, it just causes conflict and we have enough of that already! I had a response to a post I wrote early in the first lockdown which basically said ‘tough on older people, they had already lived their lives and that all resources should be put towards keeping the young safe’. Needless to say, I didn’t approve it. My husband is 75 and not expecting his call anytime soon. Thanks for joining in.


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