Simply Me



This book was one of my Christmas presents.  Described as ‘A wonderful work of art and a wonderful window into the human heart’ (Richard Curtis), it is a  tale of hope and friendship and totally delightful in its simplicity. I’ve read it several times and find something different to consider with each reading.


BMFH 2There’s nothing that’s never been said before, nor earth-shatteringly insightful, but it does us good to be reminded sometimes that the simple things are often good things. A friend of mine thinks the fact that I write a blog is, to use her word, weird. ‘I don’t understand why you’d do it,’ she has said more than once.  That’s ok by me – she doesn’t need to.  She doesn’t need to read it either, and neither does anyone else if they don’t want to.  So long as I hurt no-one and show kindness where I can, I’m pretty happy with who I am.


I’ve said before that I don’t seek to impress. If people find me not to their liking, it’s no bother. If they think that what I do is odd, no problem. I’m me, I’m who I am and I am enough. This book summed that up very nicely for me. 

It was bought by my husband but suggested by another friend, this time one who knows me very well and knew that it would be well received. I have many lovely friends and a lovely family too. Thus, I feel blessed.



  1. I have a friend (and also a cousin) who don’t understand why I write a blog, either, Eloise. It’s difficult to describe why we do it and I’m sure a lot do it to monetize (aka sell) things, as they also do on Instangram, but I do it simply to share a slice of our rather ordinary lives with others, and the more I write and receive comments, the more I find there are many more similarities with we women (for it’s mainly women who read my blog) around the world than there are differences.
    Margaret P

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    • Many similarities – you are so right, Margaret. I upgraded my WordPress package specifically to get rid of adverts. They annoy me a great deal!


  2. This was a gift I received at Christmas too.

    Such a simple book, something different to take from it with every read and just generally some simplicity amidst the mayhem, that reminds you of the joy of books.

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  3. The author was featured on an episode of BBC news that I watched a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard of him or his book prior to that, but, since then, another blogger I read mentioned his book and now you! 🙂


  4. I love it too. Was recommended by a young woman who said it was the best book she had ever been given. I treated myself, and like you, I enjoy reading it over and over.

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