What shall I do?

What shall I do on New Year’s Day? I’ve been writing quite a bit over the past few days but it’s going a bit too slowly. With over 50,000 words written of the second book, I’ve been editing which has involved adding to it, removing chunks and altering existing text. After several days I’ve ended up with a word count of only 1,500 extra words but I think it sounds better overall. There’s still a way to go but at least I’m more than halfway there. I need to step back from it today and do something else, but what?

I’d like to bake and I have all the right ingredients to make cakes and cookies, tiramisu, panacotta, cheesecake or scones. But if I did, someone would have to eat them and that someone would be mostly me. Not a great idea then.

I could think of ways to use up the Christmas leftovers…..if I had any. Turns out that I’d organised the food stocks pretty well. The grapes I bought to go with Christmas night’s cheese & biscuits went into a jelly a couple of days after, and the only thing I have more of than I usually would is cheese, no need to use it up – it will save me buying any more through January.

How about making some cards? Not done any for ages – but I already have quite a lot in stock. I might do a few later on but I’m not over-excited at the prospect or I could just choose a few to write for forthcoming birthdays.

PenguinsReading is always a happy fall back but I tend to read in bed in the morning and then again in the late afternoon and in bed at night. I’ve just finished a book* and enjoyed it so much that I don’t feel ready to leave the characters behind and meet new ones just yet. * Another one by Hazel Prior who I mentioned in my previous post – still can’t get over our coinciding idea! Anyhow, this one was called ‘Away with the penguins’ and was brilliant. I couldn’t put it down. She’s only written the two and I’m eagerly awaiting her next one. Jessica Redland’s latest is out this week and I’ve pre-ordered it so I may just decide to wait for that. The last book I pre-ordered arrived early so who knows – it could even be here today!

I could set my mind to making a list of New Year resolutions but as I’ve still not yet achieved any of those I made last year, it seems a little pointless. I do have a few Christmas cards left so maybe I could get ahead of the game and write them ready to post in plenty of time for Christmas 21 !

If I don’t think of something soon I’m going to end up ironing but who wants to spend New Year’s Day doing something they detest? It’s already 11:40am so that’s almost half a day spent pondering. Carry on like this and there’ll be no need to make a decision anyway, other than what to cook for dinner.  I shall leave this for now and come back later. Maybe I’ll have something to tell………..

10pm:  It wasn’t a very productive day. I ironed a few items with Dusty singing in the background, wrote three birthday cards and persuaded Husband that he’d like to play Scrabble. Then I spent an hour or so researching accommodation in Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay with a view to finding somewhere for a holiday next September. We’d planned a Norwegian Fjords cruise to celebrate my big birthday, but I don’t think I’ll feel ready to be that close to other people.

Wishing everyone of you a very Happy New Year. Let’s hope it turns out a whole lot better than 2020!  Stay safe.


  1. Oh, this is brilliant, Eloise! I’m sure this mirrors a lot of we women all over the world, almost going to do something but then not doing it, and a whole day’s gone and we’ve not achieved anything.
    Margaret P

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    • I’m pleased that it’s struck a chord as it was one of those posts written when I was wondering whatever to write about!


  2. I really enjoyed reading this and it was quite reassuring as I was in a similar quandary yesterday. I never know what to do with New Year’s Day. When we were kids, it was like Christmas Day revisited with a big roast again and leftover Christmas crackers but hubby and I have never made a fuss about it. I always feel a bit deflated and, if I’m honest, in a bit of a grump on NYD and never sure why. I don’t know whether it’s because Christmas is over, because it’s the day for resolutions while acknowledging that, as with yours, I haven’t achieved last year’s or whether it’s back to work … although I love what I do so that shouldn’t be an issue. I ended up doing a load of washing, tidying my office and getting up to date with my accounts! So productive but not exciting.

    I’m very impressed with your 50k word count. Editing will always feel a bit disappointing as the word count doesn’t massively grow at that stage, but it will when you go back to writing without editing again. By spring, you could have a brand new polished manuscript!


    • Last paragraph first….thank you for always being so encouraging! I’m aiming to finish it by the end of March. I guess I could aim for something earlier but I don’t want to end up disappointed with myself. It’s back to work on Tuesday and I know it’s going to be a busy few weeks. As a child we also had a big roast on New Years Day too and used the leftover crackers and there were always such high expectations of the forthcoming year which usually didn’t materialise. So for the most part I ignore it too. I think yesterday it was a case of ‘here we are in a New Year and this horrible virus is still with us – not even a bit better, but actually worse. Doing accounts is no fun but at least you can enjoy the fact that it’s now out of the way. I felt very down (a lot to do with barely having seen my family for so long) but have perked up today even though it’s our wedding anniversary and we can’t go out for lunch as we usually do to a country pub with a roaring fire 😦


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