Christmas Day

It was already going to be different but we hadn’t expected to wake up on Christmas morning to no heating. The house was very cold. Husband reset the boiler button and the temperature started to rise. Then it went off again and he reset it again and this set the pattern for much of the day  Fortunately we have a gas fire in the sitting room and a skirting heater in the kitchen so it was manageable. Curiously, or should that be miraculously, by mid afternoon it had settled down and was behaving itself. It seems Ok today too but the heating service is due early in January so we’ll mention it to AJ, our trusty heating engineer.

I’d prepped what I could for our Christmas meal the evening before so there wasn’t a lot to do apart from lay the table. I’ve cooked for up to 13 before now, but spot the difference between this years picture (I decided that we’d have two crackers each just to make the table look a little bit busier) and last year’s when laid for six of us.

The children sent photos and videos so that I could share in a little bit of the grandchildren’s day,  and I felt wistful as I envied the friends who posted photos on Facebook of the day spent with their families and wished that I had been a little bit braver. But we can only make decisions based on how we feel (stressed in my case) at the time.

We had some lovely gifts. Husband is now awash with whisky and wine (and can think of no better gifts), shortbread, cherries in kitsch and peaches in brandy. Personally, I like a bit of variety! A mustard scarf, soft as can be, terracotta leather gloves, new slippers, Bare Minerals skincare and make up, chocolates and more chocolates and savory foodie treats too, A Kindle fire (my ancient ipad is struggling for survival), Giorgio perfume, two books (which will feature in a separate post) and numerous other perfectly chosen bits and pieces.

My love of hares and stationary were combined when this fab mug (which I intend taking to work) and matching notebook were chosen.


Later in the afternoon I could be found taking two fold up picnic chairs from the boot of my car and placing them on my brother’s drive, where I insisted that the two of us sat to pull crackers before handing over two plates of Christmas dinner (one for today as well) and a specially made rhubarb crumble because he doesn’t like Christmas pud and can’t eat the trifle because of the dairy products.  That made Christmas Day pretty different too! I expect the neighbours thought us a little eccentric.

As well as the book post, I shall also prepare a Christmas food post showing how I use up the leftovers – they have to be come left over before I can do that though! Less of them this year as there was less to start with!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day.


  1. Glad to har the boiler was fixed – gosh nothing worse than being cold. And what a very different Christmas we all had. Yes, next year will hopefully be with friends and above all family, especially the grandchildren.

    What lovely presents – I had many books which is what I wanted. Here’s to next Christmas when things really need to be back to normal!

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  2. Yes, what a different Christmas this year, Eloise, and to wake up to an iffy boiler as well! But thank goodness yu could keep warm. And lovely to see your brother and deliver food to him!
    And what lovely presents – gloves would go down well, I know! I love those slippers. They are just what I want so I’d appreciate any details! I can never see any I like and i just want black velvet ones, but don’t want to go shopping – besides, all the shoe shops have disappeared! I must try Bare Minerals sometime although during the past year of not-going-out, I’ve been just using a moisturizer and now and again a dab of powder, and then mascara and eyebrow pencil and a little blusher and done without any foundation. And I can’t really tell the difference!
    Margaret P

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    • The slippers are from M&S, Margaret, and are still available online in navy or deep pink. I tend to put make up on most days but I saved a small fortune on scent as I rarely bothered using it whilst working at home.


    • Thanks Bless. We are all in the same boat, so to speak – no choice really other than to make the best of things. I hope you also managed to.


  3. Times have surely and sorely, changed. I think that you are smart being cautious at this time. Love your gifts, I’ve been told by a make-up “expert” (one of my daughters) that Bare Minerals is The Best, so when all of my foundations that she has passed onto me, have gone – it will be Bare Minerals for me. .Ours was also a humble Christmas affair, but the best one ever, so far.

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    • I rate Bare MInerals highly, though they do have the very annoying habit of regularly discontinuing products and replacing them with others that I don’t always find suit me as well. Glad to hear that your Christmas was such a happy one.


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