Tree Talk

The view from my office window is of a car and lorry park. If I look to my right I see a long stretch of loading bays and more lorries; to the left the Council tip. By no stretch of the imagination could it be described as pretty. But last week I saw something beautiful: a lone, and usually uninteresting tree, but on that day it was so stunning that I thought I’d share it with you. Sadly it lost its leaves just a few days later,

Tree 1

Going through some photographs of our 2018 holiday, I came across this one which I think was Cartagena or it might have been Valencia. Either way, what an amazing tree trunk!

Tree 2

I’m usually a ‘Keep in it December’ girl but Christmas has already sneaked in early this year – my presents are wrapped, the cards are written and the shopping is ordered. I am going to put my Christmas trees (a white twig one one in the sitting room, and a conventional one on the porch) up on Monday. I’ve always left doing so until the second weekend in December so that Christmas doesn’t begin until after my younger after my son’s birthday but this year, like so many others, I’m in need of a lift to the spirits.

How about you? Will you be putting your tree up early…or perhaps you already have.


  1. I’m late commenting again, I’m afraid, but I wanted to say how much I love that first photo of the beautiful foliage. We put our outside lights up earlier than usual and I must admit that I’m hankering for a small, live Christmas tree to put by the front door – with lights of course! As it would be in a pot, I’m optimistic that it might be used every year from now on. I love fairy and solar lights (all year round) but my husband is not as keen. I’d probably decorate the dog if left to my own devices!

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  2. The tree in the first photograph looks as though it’s alight. Such a beautiful colour, it seems almost a shame for it to have shed it’s leaves.
    We don’t yet have our tree up here but I have a feeling it could be next weekend. I’ve already bought a small one to go in the kitchen (it would be far too warm for it in the dining room) but it’s sat in the porch for the time being. X

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  3. I stopped having a tree a few years ago. I had been using a small artifical one which was really cute, but of course when one’s children are young – a real tree is the best.


    • Yes indeed. We used to have one that reached the ceiling and filled the width of the bay window. Mine are artificial nowadays but not unrealistic


  4. Some years I don’t put up a Christmas tree, at all, but, when I do, I usually do it mid-to-late December. I usually wait until after my annual December almsgiving. A tree on the porch sounds nice.

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  5. Our trees are up. I haven’t done any Xmas cards yet or wrapped any presents. The outside lights will be going up this week (I hope). Not something I do!!
    Pity we can’t have a normal Christmas. We will make the most of it.
    Happy Christmas to you all.xx

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    • And a Happy Christmas to you Wendy. As you say, we will all have to make the most of what we are able to do. It will certainly be different. We don’t have outside lights, but I have the tree on the open porch and that has lights. None of our neighbours put anything outside so when I drive into the close I love that our house looks welcoming.


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