Roll on next Spring

Z1I mentioned in my post ‘In need of Improvement’ that Son and Daughter in Law were soon to move into a house that needed substantial renovation. They eventually moved the day after lockdown began which meant that our intended help was curtailed.  Currently they have no kitchen (even the the sink unit shown in the photo has now been removed) , no main bathroom, a shower room/toilet still under construction, no ceiling (in some cases), plaster being removed from the walls (replastering to follow) and brick dust everywhere. Everywhere. Anyone who had undertaken even the smallest building project will know that it really does get in every nook and cranny.  As I type they have a portaloo in the front garden next to the pavement.  This morning they have been advised of a sewage pipe problem….and it’s not looking good 😦   

At present they are pretty much living in a couple of rooms at a time depending on the work. Z3There is a total rewire to be carried out and a new heating system to be fitted. Since the work began late due to a hold up in the sale, all the tradesmen who had been booked by the chap project management it, are now playing catch up and everything seems to be happening at once. Son is mostly working from home and daughter in law is a hairdresser so is prevented from working due to lockdown which means that they are there among the mess all day. 

There may be worse things happening in the country right now (ARE, not just maybe) but oh my goodness, I am so stressed about it all – not just the enormity of it all, but also the fact that they have workmen in and out all day and at a time when we are not supposed to have even one visitor (workmen are exempt) this worries me terribly, and I’m not even the one living there! Perhaps it was this bad when I was living through a renovation but I was almost forty years younger than I am now and took it in my stride. Right now it horrifies me. They are very stoic as is younger granddaughter who, so long as she has her ipad seems able to switch off to her surroundings, but the almost-sixteen year old is horrified by the whole business. She was planning to come to us for a couple of weeks but lockdown, and the fact that her school bubble is self isolating due to a fellow pupil having tested positive (no need to explain what for nowadays, is there?), means that she has to stay at home.  I hate wishing time away but for once I really do mean – Roll on next Spring!



  1. What a worry for them, and for you, Eloise. But it will come right in the end, and they are young enough to be able to withstand this pressure (hopefully!) There are worse things, but it never feels like it when you’re in the middle of a renovation project. I remember husband fitting a new kitchen in our previous home but at least we had the bathroom in working order, with water much of the time, until be plumbed in the sink/washing machine/dishwasher, so that didn’t take all that long. But their home will be lovely when it’s finished. Keep your eye on the end game! However, the sewage problem sounds ominous!
    Margaret P


    • Trying to focus on how it will be rather than how it is, Margaret. That applies to rather a lot at the moment! I don’t even like being around when there is decorating going on nowadays. The upheaval makes me all jittery! The water company are due to inspect the sewer pipe this afternoon. Fingers crossed that the news will not be bad.


    • Daughter in Law reckons that by Christmas they should see big progress – I do hope so. Right now they are at the stage where it gets worse before it gets better!


  2. Oh my goodness, that’s certainly a monster project! We had our kitchen completely gutted and refitted about 18 months ago and the entire downstairs except the lounge tiled. The mess was horrific everywhere, even upstairs so I can absolutely feel that pain. Next month, we’re having our bathroom, en-suite and downstairs toilet ripped out and replaced too. Eek! Hope you are able to take a few deep breaths and manage the stress. Just focus on how amazing it will be – and how happy they’ll be – when it’s all done 🙂

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    • They are managing to focus much better than I am. Having lived through a renovation, I also feel your past pain. Ideally, I guess we’d all like to move out for the duration of works, but for most it’s not an option. I hope that your bathroom, cloak and en-site are not ripped out at the same time – one would hope with three options, you will at least have one functional toilet at a time! A garden Portaloo would be the worst part for me!

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    • Me too, Bless. I keep telling them to be careful and ‘think safe’. I’d be following them around with anti-bac sprays if it was my house!


  3. Oh my! That’s a lot to deal with. I’m sure it will be worth it in the end but I’m not sure I would feel quite as stoic as your son and daughter in law. They have my total admiration. X

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