Kim’s Christmas Cracker!

I do love a good Christmas book. If you enjoy reading, and I know that many of my regular readers do, I can recommend the ‘Kim the Book Worm’s interviews with authors. On Friday 13th November at 7pm she will be interviewing Nicola May (Cockleshell Bay series), Millie Johnson and Mandy Baggott about their new Christmas books.

Meanwhile, how about scrolling back through Kim’s previous interviews. Here is a link to the one she did with Jessica Redland. Jessica’s second Hedgehog Hollow book is released on 7th January and can be pre-ordered on Amazon (yes, of course I have)!

It’s a great way to spend an hour and during the interview you can type questions for Kim to ask the interviewees. You can access the interview via the link to Kim’s FaceBook page below.

Kim, an author herself, also reviews lots of women’s fiction. Definitely worth a look!

Kim the Bookworm


  1. As you can probably tell, I’m taking a moment to catch up on your blog posts this evening! Thanks so much for the shout-out. Hope you enjoy the 2nd Hedgehog Hollow book when it’s out in January. I haven’t listened to this yet. I fully intended to join live on Friday but I’d had a slow day writing and suddenly got into a flow around teatime (typically) so I decided to write into the evening. I have a post-it note on my laptop reminding me not to forget to catch up on it as I definitely do want to listen!

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    • I struggled to get into the ‘chat’ – just couldn’t get a connection so missed the first 20 minutes or so, but I shall catch up soon. I haven’t actually read anything from two of the writers but love Nicola May’s Cockleberry Bay series. When a sudden flow occurs, you just have to go with it!!


  2. I am a bit wary of ordering goods off amazon during 2020 – hopefully my kindle will start behaving so I can read these books. Not the same as the feel and smell of paper – I find reading avery sensory experience, but needs must.

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    • I love a real book but have found Kindle invaluable during the past eight months. I’ve read so many books and because the Kindle books are so much cheaper, I’ve saved a small fortune!

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