One Reason, One Excuse

I am trying to write something every day, even if I’m not sitting at the PC and I manage only a few scribbles in a notebook, or a paragraph on the ipad. A thought might be triggered by a phrase that comes to mind or a snatch of overheard conversation and I think I’ll remember it but I often don’t so it’s best to record it in some way. For the most part I’m managing to get something down every day. But on Wednesday and Thursday, I failed dismally.

As you’re aware, during  the lockdown period, and for sometime beyond,  I was  thrown (at the time I may have used the word ‘hurtled’) deep into  the world of furlough and redundancies and the extra work they entailed. Things are now calmer and I’m getting to catch up on a number of projects which were put on hold. However, the final bit of the redundancy programme happened yesterday (Thursday). Three long-standing employees who had elected to take voluntary redundancy and retire came in to say goodbye and to enjoy their not-quite-a-party. Although a hot and cold buffet had been organised, current safety measures meant that the usual essential and enjoyable mingling at parties couldn’t take place. Thus, there had to be a rota for getting food, and then a return to our desks to await visits from each of the retirees. It was as good as it could have been under the circumstances and all agreed that the external caterers had made a splendid job of feeding us. We’d opted for one course and I (in some brain-fugged moment of insanity) had volunteered to make cakes for afterwards….. dozens of them. This meant that when I arrived home from work on Wednesday I spent nearly four hours in the kitchen, after which I promptly fell asleep in the chair. I’m claiming that as a reason, rather than an excuse, for not writing on Wednesday.

Thursday, however, was a different story. Having eaten too many carbs at the buffet – filo tarts, quiche, baked potato, two slices on an amazing spinach and feta something or other, and then cake, I could have fallen asleep at my desk. I’d also slept very badly on Wednesday night so when I got home yesterday I just flopped and did nothing – just sat and read. I couldn’t even be bothered to walk upstairs to get my notebook. I was tired but  admit – that ‘s just an excuse. But  here we are on Friday morning and I’m feeling ready to write…..all weekend.

Just some of Wednesday evening’s baking.


  1. Those cakes look amazing. And I think you can definitely be forgiven for taking a little time away from writing in the circumstances. I think it’s all about balance. Sometimes just thinking through some dialogue but not capturing anything on paper can be good. And sometimes a complete focus away from writing can be great to refresh the brain

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    • Absolutely – thinking things through away from the actual text is very useful. When I’m ‘in the zone’ I’m there whatever I’m doing – often dictating a sentence or scrap of dialogue into my phone and sending it to myself for future use!


  2. Gosh, you are a marvel – doing all of that baking. I admire people who can cook well. Yes, delicious as carb foods are, and they are definitely my food weakness, they make me fall asleep into an exhausted sugar stupor. Resolve never to do it again. Until – next time rolls around…..

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    • Oh yes, I recognise this. I realised years ago that the reason I felt so tired in the afternoons was because I was eating sandwiches at lunch time, followed (too often) by chocolate. Afternoon tea with sandwiches and cake is wonderful but exhausting!


    • Indeed, Bless! I wrote for hours yesterday and again today (just taking a little break for lunch whilst catching up with the blogging)!


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