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I finished work on Thursday for a 13 day break. Although I work only three days a week and have taken the odd day off, next week will be my first full week off first since Christmas. Getting to grips with managing the furlough process and then the redundancies (actually only about a third of the amount we had thought might be necessary) was a trying time and although we still have a handful furloughed, it is only now that the pressure of work has, at last, calmed down. I’ve lots of holiday to use but at present am taking mainly lieu time for some of those extra hours I put in.

Following my recent post about television, I was reminded when I turned on the TV last Sunday evening that I also rather enjoy Countryfile, and I’ve now seen a promising trailer for a new drama called The Singapore Grip set during WWII. Us on BBC might also be worth watching as the settings include some of my favourite cities – Amsterdam and Barcelona. It could be worth watching for the scenery alone. The brilliant Alison Steadman stars alongside Peter Davison as residents of flats within a large house in Life, also BBC. And best of all, on 15th November The Crown returns for a fourth series on Netflix……in a word – outstanding! A few things to look forward to then. I only discovered the series after hearing the gym ladies discussing it. I gave it a try and was hooked, catching up with series 1-3 earlier this year.

It looks as if my wish for an Indian Summer might be granted. Today is sunny and warm and the forecast for the next week looks promising. But what is it with weather forecasting – I looked at three sites which differ considerably for the same period. Whilst the temperatures are subject to only slight variation, it seems that sunshine and rain must be much harder to predict since one shows no rain all week and another forecasts rain on Wednesday and Thursday. I appreciate that it may not be an exact science, but how do I choose which to believe? Good job I bought a new umbrella…just in case. Impressed with my friend’s dome (or birdcage) style one, loaned for me to run from my car to her back garden where I could sit in shelter, I decided to get one for myself. Great for keeping shoulders dry, and I can’t believe that I’ve been using umbrellas for years without being able to see where I’m going! What a revelation. Now all I need is for someone to invent a folding version that I can pop in my bag!

For a huge choice take a look at ….. https://www.brolliesgalore.co.uk/


  1. I too am looking forward to return of The Crown, but can I admit that I didn’t find Olivia Coleman’s portrayal of the queen all that good. We watched the whole of the season but think the changeover of actors didn’t work all that well. Nevertheless will give Season 4 a try. Also looking forward to The Singapore Grip as am a great fan of JG Farrell’s work.

    Enjoy your break – you deserve it!


    • Olivia Coleman was not as good As the previous ‘Queen’ whose name I can’t recall. I felt that her acting made the Queen seem a bit ‘abrupt’ whereas the younger version was softer, but perhaps that is how the real Queen developed. I believe we have a third version to look forward to in series 5. Did I read that Imelda Staunton was to take on the role?

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  2. Your umbrella, is it the same as the Queen usually carries?

    I had one years ago and really liked it, but have no idea of what happened to it.

    Enjoy your time off.


    • I’ve no idea, Linda but I’ll make a point of looking next time I see her on TV! I hoping that I’ll have no use. For it for a week or two at least. Thanks.


  3. We have several cheap versions of these dome umbrellas including two which live in our motorhome. All have been bought in desperation as we were dressed for summer and the heavens opened. Two years in a row, we were in Cheltenham when we had walked in from the caravan site at the racecourse and suddenly there was a monsoon. I now know exactly where the cheapest place to buy umbrellas is situated! It’s very mild but hugely windy here today so I am making five Pilates cushions from scratch for daughter, son-in-law and myself. Enjoy the time off work and hope you have some decent weather..


    • I’ve never bought one before but I think I’ll be happy with it! Lol, we got caught in a huge downpour in Split, Croatia and ended up buying horrible jackets from a market stall as it was the nearest thing to us. We still got drenched. Cheltenham is lovely for a day out. Been often as it only takes about 50 minutes to drive to. Enjoy your cushion making!


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