WordPress Confusion ~ just testing

WordPress has changed it’s format. It’s not at all friendly to use. After many attempts, I got a picture to appear on the front page. If you see some odd things happen on this post, it’s because I’m experimenting and playing around with WordPress, and unless I press the publish button, I can’t tell whether things are working

We’re not all techno-savvy and we don’t all look to make a living from blogging. Many of us just want to post a few random thoughts and add the odd photo. This is what we did and it worked just fine…..until now. WordPress has made ‘improvements’, and it so complicated that the user forum is now starting to fill up with confused ‘simple’ bloggers. Not only is it more long-winded to post (at least I’ve worked that one out) but I’m struggling with regard to photos. I’ve tried the help screens but again, the information seems to be directed at business users and they use so much techno-speak. It seems that in order to have the simple version which I used to use, I now need to pay $25 a month!

I seem to have worked out a way of adding a photo but instead of 3 quick steps, this took eleven! we’ll see how it goes…….


  1. Hello Eloise
    I’d have commented the other day but couldn’t find this article. It explains what I wanted to say…..only much more clearly than I could have done
    Classic Editor is still available – click on 5h3 little black square and you should see a little keyboard with classic written below. Click then a toolbar called classic appears, click and the classic toolbar (same as it was before will appear. If you want to add media look on that toolbar for a little camera with a musical note symbol….that’s the add media icon.
    I use an iPad most of the time so It’s taken me a while to begin to get comfortable using the new Gutenberg editor- sometimes I do other times I use the classic one.
    Give it a go


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  2. I use google which is blogger.com. Yes, they too have “improved” the blogs. I just cannot get some information onto my blog now. gggrrrr Very sneaky that a massive corporation that makes millions (wordpress) is now after the little person’s dollars. Very bad form.


    • It may have to be, Jules. But for now, I have paid for the next 12 months recently and there is no refund option. I have tried Blogger but didn’t get the layout option I wanted of a front page with various posts to choose from


    • I would, Wendy….if they knew anything about WordPress. They are trying to push out small users who do not buy the premium package by making complex changes which many of us don’t need. The help page is full of confused users.


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