Nothing Planned and Not a Lot Done

A Bank holiday weekend – Friday to Monday

When hairdressers were released from the confines of lockdown, my daughter-in-law was overwhelmed by clients requesting urgent bookings. She worked long hours and almost every day. During that time I dropped my blow-dry appointments from two to one a week in order to release an extra slot. With the backlog cleared her diary is now a lot less full and this week we reverted to the usual Monday and Friday appointments. Newer readers may not be aware of our agreement whereby I pay for one appointment and we job-swap on the second one, so newly coiffed, I started on her ironing. When I got home I spent the afternoon alternately knitting and reading until 4pm when Husband and I played Scrabble. We used to play a lot but interest waned for some years until we rediscovered our enjoyment at the start of lockdown. We’ve carried on and still play around three times a week.

We had absolutely nothing planned over the weekend but I did have three jobs that I wanted to get done:

  • A thorough clean of the study – DONE
  • Make a birthday card for a friend’s September birthday – DONE
  • Sort out the first aid box (check dates etc. and make a note of anything that needs replacing) ready for its new home – one of a set of storage boxes that daughter-in-law no longer wanted – DONE

La belle epoque

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty lazy few days. I haven’t even done any baking apart from a couple of plum and apple crumbles with the plums I froze after a friend gifted them recently. But now and then, it doesn’t hurt to slow down and do pretty much nothing apart from reading …and perusing the bulb catalogues (and ordering) garden bulbs for the spring!  I’d already ordered 30 of the beautiful La Belle Epoch tulips (left) and have now chosen several other varieties to be shared between myself and my daughter. I promised her some deep purple (Queen of the Night) and bluish purple (Blue Spectacle)  ones as a house-warming present.

It seems strange to be talking of spring when I’m hoping that summer is not yet over. We are off to Devon later in September and I’m hoping for a bit of an Indian summer. It’s probably a forlorn hope as this weekend has been very autumnal, so much so that we put the heater on in the kitchen. I draw the line at central heating in August and usually try to hold out until September is finished but if this carries on I can see us turning it on early. The summer quilt is still on the bed but we’ve used the throw as well for the last couple of nights. I toyed with the idea of changing it to the warmer quilt but it just seems too soon and I hate being too hot.

I have a couple of phone calls to make this evening to people who call us on the home phone. I need to let them know that we’re no longer going to be using it. The home phone is used less than once a month. I’ve made no more than four calls on it this year and have received a similar number (if you don’t count the endless stream of marketing calls and scams, and it can only be a good thing to get rid of those).  Our Virgin internet/TV/phone package includes £180 a year just for the landline – crazy! Then we decided that it was equally silly to carry on with the cable TV charge too – we never watched it. The terrestrial channels along with Freeview and Netflix provide us with more than enough choice.  Now we just use Virgin for the internet as no landline is needed for a cable connection, and we still have plenty of ways of talking to people – mobile phones and the option to make free video calls via whats-ap or facetime. 

I hope you have enjoyed your bank holiday weekend.


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