A Birthday Weekend

BD white

It’s been a busy weekend and an enjoyable one. My birthday usually involves lunch out but this year it was celebrated at home. The weather was  a little overcast but warm enough and at times it was quite sunny  – perfect for sitting outside in fact. Visitors came in relays. For lunch I made lasagne (which I can’t stand but seems to be generally enjoyed by most other people), garlic bread (ditto), potato wedges and salad. My brother doesn’t eat lasagne either as he can’t have dairy foods and it was bubbling with cheese, so I also did some chicken breast and a pot of hummus.  Afterwards we had lots of fresh fruit and, of course, cake.

The house was filled with flowers (still is, of course). The white ones in the top picture were received by post  from a friend – what a lovely surprise – lilies, roses and alstromeria, an explosion of roses, strong scented stargazers and a bouquet of lime green, purple and white which are ideal for my kitchen colour scheme.

I was spoiled with some very welcome gifts:  After a particularly hot day, I’d mentioned in passing that I could do with an insulated lunch bag for work – lunch bag being a bit of a misnomer since I only ever take breakfast to eat mid-morning and it’s always the same – grape-nuts cereal with yogurt and fruit. Daughter had picked up on this and I am now the proud owner of this roomy little bag – I think I’ll be able to get my bottled water in there too. Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl reminds me of my daughter because the upstairs of the house always smelled of it when she lived at home, and Bare Minerals skincare is a favourite.


My friend has recently started making candles using toxin-free soya wax and essential oils. In my bag of goodies including Flower & White meringues (absolutely the best) and an M&S gift card was this pretty little pot with a freesia-scented candle.  From another friend, a lantern ideal for a tea-light on the garden table were three natural beeswax lip balms from Burt’s Bees including a tinted one in a pretty pinky-red shade. I’ve had one of the tinted balms before and always meant to replace it when it ran out.

Chocolate figured, Butlers of course… two white, two mint and two Irish coffee. But goodness me…can I see a half bar there? Someone has made a start on it!   And have you ever seen Frys Turkish Delight in lemon flavour?

I had vouchers for a manicure and for a couple of High street stores, a nail polish called Very berry, toiletries and caramel shortcake biscuits.  I am truly blessed with my family and some very good friends.

Back down to earth today as I cooked, ironed and knitted (teddy bear clothes but that’s another story). In a moment I’m going for a relaxing bath and then I shall paint my nails with my new colour. Tomorrow I’m visiting a friend and going to lunch with my granddaughter. More to look forward to.

Postscript: A lovely lunch at a local garden centre was enjoyed with eldest Granddaughter today…non-stop chatter about boys, make up, friends, fashion and her concerns about the forthcoming house move. And then, out of the blue, she mentioned that she’d be really sad if  I died. A little digging on my part explained this – her friend recently lost her grandmother. I said it was nice to know she’d miss me! 



  1. A rather belated ‘Happy Birthday’ from me. I’m so pleased that you were able to enjoy a weekend with family and friends. Beautiful flowers and such considerate gifts, too..


    • Well, I have tried it, of course! It could have been a bit more lemony but did taste good but nothing ever matches up to Cadbury Turkish delight, sadly no longer available in the UK. It has always been produced in Dublin and can still be bought in Ireland. It can also be bought in bulk from Amazon…but I dare not buy chocolate in bulk!


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