At the start of the year I stopped writing this blog because I never seemed to have enough time, I but missed it and returned later saying that I’d write only at weekends. Then came lockdown and there was time to spare so I began writing more often. Now, though life is far from the previous version of normal, it is, to some extent, filling up again and the past week has passed by in a whirlwind. Now is the time to revert to the ‘weekend blog’, though I’ve no doubt that there will be the odd extra post thrown in.

I have just returned from a few days in Bedfordshire with my daughter and family. We packed so much in (some of which involved cake!) and I also altered two pairs of curtains (promised in March but this has been my first opportunity).  Daughter and I had a lovely meal out – just the two of us – which doesn’t happen often nowadays. I also managed to watch several sessions of snooker and have watched the penultimate session of the final this afternoon. I guess as I have no interest in sport in general, I am an unlikely fan.

Anyhow – onto the subject of today’s post. I have dilemmas regarding the gym and Slimming World. Regular readers will know that I have long been a member of a ladies’ gym.  It is now open again but I’m reluctant to go back yet. I understand about balancing safety with the economy and that by not doing things we are responsible for failing ventures but I feel that since I am back at work pretty much every one of my three days  a week now, (fortunately mostly alone), I’m already stepping out of my safety zone to a degree.

Although the word ‘gym’ conjures up a specific picture, Gymophobics is not a traditional gym. The social aspect is equally important as the exercise for many members and if I am absolutely honest, for me, meeting my friends there is the reason I go rather than the physical activity. One session around the gym circuit tends to equate to at least an hour of coffee and chat. Another benefit is that I could just turn up when it suited me and I knew that someone would always be there ready to put the world to rights over a coffee. We each knew which days and times friends tended to be there  and could fit our visits around other commitments.

Right now they are taking bookings only, and the coffee area is closed, so the two key reasons for me being a member are not available. However, if we all think like that then there will be no gym to return to. Numbers had already fallen off a little in the past couple of years. Am I, and similarly minded members, now I am contributing to its total demise?

Similarly, Slimming World is returning to real classes this week. I will not be going. There will be a raft of safety measures in place, of course, but I simply cannot understand how thirty people (who all come from different households) can be allowed at an inside meeting when my daughter’s wedding reception of 22 people was not allowed outside. Furthermore, they are talking about 1 metre distancing. As one of the other members (a frontline nurse) pointed out, the rule is still 2 meters, with one meter acceptable only when unavoidable. Everyone seems to have forgotten this point. It’s a shame as I have probably lost my post of weighing clerk which I really enjoyed, but so far as I’m concerned, it isn’t a necessity.

The summer flowers are all but over so hooray for repeat flowering roses!



  1. I too share your dismay and indeed anger that so many are not self-distancing – and the rules are so illogical. I really worry for the children going back to school and what that might mean for extended family groups. Should we visit our family once that happens? It’s a dilemma. I think it’s wise to be cautious about your gym. We are so grateful that our Pilates teacher is IT savvy and between the two of us we do a Zoom Pilates class four times a week that plus walking is quite sufficient. I won’t go back to ‘normal’ things until there is a vaccine.

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    • I think many of us of a ‘certain age’ feel the same, Penny. Life is different and I feel unsure how it will ever return to what used to be normal.

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  2. Whatever measures you need to take to be safe and, what is more important I think, to feel safe, you must take. We went into a small Co-op today for the first time since before lockdown. We had our masks, used contactless payment and put anti-bac on our hands once we reached our car and washed our hands when we arrived home. I would not be attending a gym or any gathering indoors unless I had to.
    Margaret P

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    • It’s nerve-wracking the first time, isn’t it? It is all about doing what feels right to the individual. I haven’t been into the town centre at all and am still ordering my shopping online


  3. Roses are always beautiful. As covid has mysteriously returned to our fair shores in New Zealand, I also am not wanting to go to my regular social “things” when Auckland comes out of our lockdown. This means meditation and the gym. I bought some small dumbells – 5oo grams, ! kig, 2 kg, 2.5 kg. I shall walk the streets, do easy yoga, and lift some weights. And I regularly meditate at home anyway. For me, it’s better safe than sorry. And so many people completely disregard social distancing. I sound a bit of a grizzly, but really I just do not want to get that virus.


  4. I’m dithering over my gym membership. I pay a year in advance and have been once since it reopened. I doubt I’ll renew. The hours are restricted, the time I used to go and be pretty much alone is now crowded. I don’t fancy using the swimming pool and the sauna is closed.

    I think I’m going to invest in a treadmill instead of renewing.

    I don’t want to exercise wearing a mask. I have to wear a mask for my entire shift in the hospital. I’d rather walk outside in the fresh air.

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    • I can understand absolutely your reluctance to wear a mask when you already have to wear one at work. we once bought a treadmill but sold it within months as it never got used. If I don’t go to the gym I know that I will not exercise, so I shall definitely go back at some point….just not yet


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