Wedding Day

We finally got there, and here we are – Daughter and me on her wedding day

Steph, wedding

There are things that you don’t expect at a wedding:

…that the reception will be cancelled with only four days to go …  Although the rule said no wedding receptions, the venue had thought that we’d be ok as it was outside, with a teepee for the food, but when daughter chased up the promised menu which hadn’t been sent, she was told that it wasn’t possible after all.  A picnic was hastily planned.

…that the register office will not allow chairs and will have have placed two stickers on the floor so that each witness will know exactly where they must stand at the ceremony

…that the toilets in the register office would be off limits …We had planned a quick change of clothes before the picnic but ended up getting changed in the car park. It’s astonishing quite how inventive one can be when planning how to do this whist retaining propriety!

And there can’t be many couples who find themselves in the supermarket within 20 minutes of exchanging their vows…picnic food had been pre-ordered for collection

Wedding 2The marriage took place in Stratford-upon-Avon. We picnicked in a lovely spot on the river bank opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The weather forecast had promised sunshine and a lot of heat. It wasn’t wrong (save for a short, sharp shower just as we arrived at the picnic ground), and in the shade of an enormous tree, we were able to spend a happy and relaxed afternoon. It wasn’t what had been planned, but it was wonderful.




I just had to add this one….The ring-bearer, Daughter’s adorable step-daughter, was very excited to be staying in a hotel the night before the wedding. That is until, on the way from the car park to hotel,  she realised that she was not getting a room of her own. She made her feelings known by ‘voting with her feet’.

Wedding 3



  1. Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law. It sounds like the perfect wedding, not how they necessarily wanted it, but rather special all the same.

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