Guests and Leftovers

Inviting guests for Sunday lunch (a promised roast dinner), we agreed that the invitation would stand only if it was warm (and dry) enough to eat al fresco. It was, and I laid up the table just as I would have done indoors. We even carried the hostess trolley (twee, but very useful) outside where there is fortunately an electrical socket. It was good to do something normal, and it is, of course, safer for a group to be outside. We must be thankful for a mostly decent summer so far.

Roast in gardenI cooked chicken and gammon, stuffing, lots of Yorkshire puds (I know we didn’t have beef but I also know my guests!), mash, lots of roast potatoes and a variety of veg.  The two odd looking brown things bottom left are pieces of crispy chicken skin much loved by one guest in particular.

The food was all put back in the trolley as soon as we’d helped ourselves, safe from the wasps which hovered nearby realising that there were rich pickings available.

Afterwards we had lemon meringue pie and profiteroles.  Any suggestions from cooks out there as to why my meringue (which tasted fine) went flat instead of staying in peaks? It’s the first lemon meringue I’ve made in about thirty years.

This morning I dealt with the leftovers: four chicken, gammon and vegetable pies and  three pasties with the same filling (no more pie dishes) . One vegi pie (for me) and two minced beef and onion ones from the mince I’d saved when making a chilli for Husband and my brother on Saturday.   Not the prettiest pies but I’ve never claimed to be aesthetically talented.  They’re now in the freezer. Never any food waste in this house!



    • Husband just ate one of the pasties and said that it was very nice. I like leftovers; they’re sort of like free food!


  1. You prepared a feast! I, too, never know how much to cook when I cook for a crowd and always make too much! But, better have too much than not enough and I can always do something with the leftovers. Your pies sound delicious and look perfectly fine to me. 🙂

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  2. That looks like a delicious feast-I’m glad the weather stayed fine for you. My daughter had a similar outdoor meal for friends on Saturday but there was nothing left!

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    • Thank you, Catriona. I always cook too much when its fort more than two of us – not good at gauging quantities. But I can always make use of what’s left.


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