Monday Mélange

Mélange: a mixture of incongruous elements. Just a short post due to a busy day.

Hooray! Hair colour and cut done today – and feeling SO much better for it! Having experimented with a homemade version of a mask, and a face shield, I’ve found Boots disposable masks to be the most comfortable and least claustrophobic. Hairdresser Daughter in Law started working again on Saturday and is booked solidly for the next month. She has disposable gowns, masks and face shields and is happy to be back doing what she loves. Afterwards I visited a friend and sat chatting in her lovely garden for a couple of hours. It could almost have been a normal day.  Now I have to prepare for a meeting at work tomorrow.

According to the media, Saturday 4th July would bring traffic chaos on the roads as hordes of people travelled to see family, flocked to holiday accommodation. The message was so definite that I wondered if we should cancel the planned trip to my daughter’s. The drive would take almost two hours in normal traffic – how long would it take now. In the event it took two hours and the traffic volume was nowhere near what I’d imagined; if anything, it was quieter than a normal Saturday.  We spend a few happy hours catching up.

The wedding, planned for 7th August, has been cancelled for the second time. Even though it is licenced for 35 people, the register office room is deemed large enough for only six people (including the participants and registrars) when socially distancing. This left room for two guests – one on each side of the room. Daughter asked whether two sets of parents could be allowed given that they already live in couples so could sit together, but ‘rules is rules’ and as they were not prepared to choose which parent to have there, they cancelled. This, only hours after I’d ordered a new fascinator! No firm decision has yet been made on the next step. My summer-wedding dress may have to be replaced by a winter ensemble.

2019 4







  1. I’m contemplating letting the grey develop and possibly having extra grey streaks (or ash blonde!) added! If I do decide to embrace the grey, I will be going for some kind of dramatic look. I’ve saved far too many images of glamourous silver (grey!) styles on Pinterest, for my own good! The last time I suggested being an enhanced grey/silver, my hairdresser wasn’t at all keen. Watch this space! I do hope it’s third time lucky for your daughter.


    • Go for it! You can always revert to a darker colour if you don’t like it. My hair has a lot of grey but not a nice shade except for a small chunk at the right temple which is silver-white! I’d love it to be that colour all over.

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  2. How lovely to have your hair done! I’ve not yet booked to have mine done, but I hope it won’t be too long before I am brave enough to do so. And the wedding will be lovely when it happens, even if it’s in the autumn and not the summer – an excuse for another new autumnal wedding outfit for you, ha ha!
    Margaret P


    • Any excuse for a new frock! Actually I prefer autumn clothing so it wouldn’t be too much of a hardship having to look for something!


  3. A coworker is going through this wedding dilemma. She changed her date and is getting married on a Friday because next year (her first anniversary) will be a Saturday and she planned her reception for that day. She will be married in a civil service outdoors with a few friends and workmates. Both families live in the next province and are hesitant to travel and stay in hotels. As she said a friend will facetime it for the families and they will party hard next summer.

    We’ve teased her that she will have to be careful as she plans to wear her wedding dress again to the party.

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  4. Glad you were able to go to the hairdressers. I wasn’t sure whether to keep the very long grey roots growing, keep being dark blonde, or ? I went back to light brown and now feel more like me. Now to find a hairdresser for a cut. Hopefully it won’t be too long before your daughter can have her wedding 🙂


  5. I’m sure your daughter is disappointed to have to postpone her wedding, again. But, hopefully, it will all work out, eventually. I’m glad you got to see her and visit with your friend, too. Hope your week goes smoothly.

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