Lockdown Labours

Missed hair app, missed manicures, missed eyebrow wax and a missed dental appointment. Missed coffee with friends, missed lunches out and missed gym sessions. And most importantly of all – missed visits (and hugs) to and from my children and grandchildren.  Time-filling has been somewhat different these past ten weeks or so.

Choc cake x2Husband and I continue to play Scrabble after years of the box gathering dust. For me, the concentration required to win (it’s actually roughly 50/50) fills my mind and prevents it from dwelling on that which I’d rather it didn’t. We play most afternoons and the cup of coffee I make before we sit down is sometimes accompanied by a slice of cake, though of course, as a Slimming World member, it really shouldn’t be. Unlike some, we have not gained weight during the lockdown. Indeed I have lost 5lb  – not enough but in the right direction. Guess which slice is mine!  No cakes this week as the oven has been playing up. A new element has been ordered.

BlanketsI’ve made a few cards,  done a bit of sewing,  and I’ve read….lots, but I think I’ll save that for another post. I’m rather limited in my crocheting skills but have found a Youtube tutorial to help me learn a couple of new stitches but meanwhile here’s what I’ve completed recently. The gold/grey one is for my daughter, the green/blue one is a garden blanket intended for cool evenings and the other echoes the colours in a couple of stripey cushions in the sitting room and will wait in readiness for grandchildren who want a lie down or to build a den!

I’d imagined filling in some of the time by watching some daytime television, in particular a couple of series that I’d missed at the time, but apart from a few episodes of Escape to the Country, I’ve not bothered.

This week, I’ve been doing a little research into gazebos (very necessary in our south-facing garden). We had one that lasted years but had eventually had hits day.  I’m now on the look out for a replacement. I found one which I really liked but disappointingly, it has to be fixed to a wall and we have hung tiles just in the spot it would need attaching. Anyhow, we eventually found one that was a reasonable price and it’s being delivered tomorrow.  Just want that sunshine to return now.



  1. I’m always a tad envious of people being able to knit, and/or crotchet. I simply am uselss at them and find them stressful (sigh). Yes, so much missed. As restrictions have been greatly lifted here in Nz I’ve been getting to know my new grand daughter. I missed the first couple of months of her life. I can imagine how much you long to cuddle your grandchildren, and hopefully it’s soon.

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    • It’s lovely to hear that you can now get to know your precious granddaughter. Much more satisfying than making a blanket!!


  2. The Granny Square blanket is about the only thing I can successfully crochet.

    I’ve nearly finished a mitred square blanket. Simple mindless knitting — perfect for watching tv with.

    I like to keep my hands busy much to younger peoples amusement. I knit, crochet and embroider. Comes in useful for baby shower gifts at work.

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    • I do knit but rarely nowadays (it takes a lot more concentration for me) but crocheting blankets is ok when watching TV. I don’t have the patience for embroidery. We did it at school and it took me a whole term to embroider a small rose! It must be useful to be able to make baby gifts, and so special when it is handmade.


  3. I love the colours of your blankets. I really need a haircut as my hair is thick and curly and goes where it wants unless I keep it very short or very long and tie it back. I haven’t had long hair since I went grey as it doesn’t suit me.

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    • Mine is not looking good! I’m booked in for the the first Monday in July……always assuming it’s allowed to go ahead!


  4. Its your fault the sun is hiding then coupled with my husband buying (on line) two luxury garden chairs yet to be delivered.
    Not to mention the children now being able to meet in the garden not the house.

    So bring back the sunshine ASAP.🌞🌞


    • It’s infuriating, isn’t it, Wendy? Daughter coming on Sunday and I think we may find ourselves (separately) huddled under the gazebo with blankets!


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