The Past Week



I can’t believe that six days have gone by since I last posted!  I’m in the process of putting a post together on handbags but still have photos to take so, just to be going on with……..there have been a few deliveries lately:



  • A box of roses. Not the chocolate variety, but a delivery of beautiful, vibrant real roses, with the message – Hope these brighten up the cloudy days, ) from my daughter in law.  They did.
  • A box of eggs and a bunch of roses and lilies from my other daughter in law.
  • Silver shampoo and conditioner – hooray! It is much needed to blend my roots.
  • Nail polish base coat. Not painting my nails at present but planning to. I painted my toes when the weather got so warm that I started wearing sandals.
  • Shopping delivery from Tesco. No flour though. My supplies are running dangerously low!
  • Sticker books and felt pens, repackaged and sent to the small grandchildren.

Another nice thing this week: last year, just days before I broke my foot, I had bought two new pairs of sandals: orange suede that didn’t get worn at all because the swelling meant that I couldn’t get the strap done up, and a sparkly silver pair that I took on holiday in the summer and managed to wear only once for a couple of hours before admitting that they were excruciatingly uncomfortable. On Monday, I tried them both on and they were absolutely fine – so two new pairs of sandals to wear….if I ever get to go anywhere!

I’m off to photograph bags now.


  1. The flour thing is a puzzle. I wish I knew where it was all going. Maybe it’s at the stage where, as supplies increase, everyone who gets some is getting more than they need and that will settle again in a week or two, as with the loo rolls and the pasta shortages.

    The flowers are beautiful.

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    • I read (a few weeks ago) that even though there is hugely decreased demand, there is no shortage of flour at the mills The problem lies in not having sufficient capacity to bag in domestic quantities, to meet demand. Apparently if you want to buy industrial quantities, that’s ok!


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