Time Rolls On

The reward for asking nicely:  The holiday balance was almost due and so far there had been no definitive decision as to whether they were going to be open for business. I had checked the booking rates and the same holiday next year would have cost a lot more, so I sent an email to the holiday company in Devon, explaining that even if they were open, I was concerned about going and I said that we’d really like to move the booking to the same month next year. I asked very nicely if there was there any way that they could transfer some of the discount which we were now not using this year to reduce next year’s overall price. The upshot is that they have very kindly given us the 2021 holiday for what it would have cost this year. We’ll miss being in Brixham this year but at least we have it to look forward to. Surely things will be back to a reasonable semblance of normality by then. We have to believe it.

UltravioletHair: Specifically roots!  My daughter sent me a photo of her red roots and blonde hair – I’m probably faring better than she! Mine are brownish grey but my hair is highlighted. Needless to say, my locks in lockdown are suffering!  I usually have a silver toner put on to tone down the yellow, and as a bonus it deals reasonably well with the root colour if I’m waiting to get the highlights done. I’d run out and so, for ease, ordered some ProVoke Touch of Silver  shampoo with my food shopping delivery, but it wasn’t a patch on my usual Charles Worthington Ultraviolet silver shampoo. According to the instructions the ProVoke needed to stay on longer than the Ultraviolet, but even so, it barely toned my hair at all and did nothing whatsoever for the roots. I ordered the Ultraviolet from Boots and received an email less than half an hour later saying that it had left the warehouse and was on its way!!

I was incensed to read in the newspaper yesterday that ‘career focussed women with high-flying jobs’ (a self-description by one of them) who have to pitch to important clients are going ‘underground’ to find hairdressers who will colour their hair. These selfish, unprincipled, irresponsible and arrogantly contemptuous idiots seem to think that they are above  complying with the rules. Perhaps a few weeks on a ventilator would hammer home the message.  A reporter found that a staggering 19 of the 50 hairdressers she approached were willing to do her hair. If they’re doing yours, you can be sure they’re doing other people’s too so who knows what is getting passed on. One of my daughters in law is a self employed hair stylist and a total lack of income is proving a definite problem,  but I’m proud to say that she values both her family and clients far too much to put them at risk.

Work: At the risk of sounding repetitive, it’s still pretty busy at most times. People are understandably concerned about their jobs but  I seem to have become a sort of counsellor about the worries of paying a mortgage and childcare. Add to that –  tax expert (I’m not – but from the questions I get asked, some people clearly think that I have the ear of the treasury), pensions guru (not that either and I have pointed out over and over that I am not financially qualified to give advice as to whether they should stop their payments whilst they’re on 80% pay). And then there’s the unanswerable questions about the future, not only of the company but of the country!  I’m sure when I studied personnel management, that no-one ever mentioned clairvoyance being a required skill.  I think sometimes they are bored and just ring up for a chat and I have to cut them short as politely as I can.  Still, at least the overtime will pay for the new sandals and dress that I’ve ordered! I now have a suitable dress for my daughter’s wedding in August (one of those ‘it will be fine if I don’t find something better’ types of dress). I’ve kept it anyway as it will be nice for summer (if we get to go anywhere) but am still looking.

The Quiz: With a 3 and nearly 5 year old in the house whilst Mum and Dad are trying to work, life is not easy.  Son and Daughter in Law have split the day:  Dad looks after them in the morning whilst Mum works from home for the local council, and then in the afternoon Dad works on his uni assignments (he’s doing a post-grad Diploma in Social Work) whilst Mum entertains the boys – thank goodness for summer and paddling pools. I think Dad must have got a bit desperate the other day as he devised a quiz for the eldest. Here are my favourite bits:

Q: How many days have we been in lockdown?
A: I don’t even know that. Two hundred and fifty six million and thirty.
Q: Do you want to go back to school?
A: No.
Q: Who is the first person you are going to hug when the lockdown ends?
A: No one.
Q: What do you think we can do to get rid of the Corona virus?
A: Just by washing our hands and having showers and baths. This is too easy.
Do let me know how your time is rolling on.




  1. Love those answers your grandson provided to the questions! 5-year old logic! LOL. I am so glad that you were able to book next year’s holiday at the same rate as this year’s! That is wonderful!

    As for hairdressers…sigh, I have two cousins who are going to their hairdressers’ homes to get their hair done! They assure me it is safe because the stylists see only one client at a time and they disinfect between each client. I am tempted to say something in the lines of at least they’ll have perfectly colored and trimmed hair when they are laid in their coffins although some of us won’t attend the funeral, but, I bite my tongue. I think they are crazy to go out to get their hair done and they, in turn, think I am crazy for not getting my hair done in the first place (I didn’t color it even before the lockdown; I am choosing to go grey, naturally) and paranoid. LOL.

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    • It’s insane, Bless. Hairdressers, manicurists….just not essential (and I’m someone who gets both my hair and nails done regularly in normal times). The things that children say are so sweet and funny. We’re very happy to have cancelled our holiday! Who’d have thought I’d ever have said that?

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  2. I had a chuckle at you job questions. I do clairvoyant readings and people want to know if this person or that person will say or do what they (the queror) wants, when? and at what time? I am always gobsmacked at this. On a more important note, I am shocked at the number of people who have flauted lockdown. Entitlement and I am special syndrome. So selfish. I just don’t want to know those people anymore. .

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    • A total misunderstanding of what your skill can deliver! You could tell I was angry at the hairdressers and their clients, I think!

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  3. Well done on your holiday deal. Something to look forward to. We should have been away this week. We rebooked for next month as we wanted to visit family there but it looks unlikely. I loved the quiz and the answers.

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    • We could never have imagined how far ahead the restrictions would reach. We’re disappointed about not visiting Devon but it would have been wrong on several levels, including being very unfair to the locals. That said, we understand how the lack of tourists will also cause many problems commercially. It’s a horrible situation all round


  4. Glad you had a result with your holiday. We have transferred ours to next year.
    Hoping we can still go to Devon in August, but who knows at the moment.
    Love the answered to the quiz.
    Take care.

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    • We were/are also going to go to the Lake District in September for Husband’s 75th birthday but who knows?


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