Another day of much the same

Another day of much the same. The only difference, and even then not greatly so, is the newspaper.

Firstly, Congratulations to Prime Minister Boris and his partner, Carrie, on the birth of a son; a first child for Carrie, and sixth for the PM. Regardless of politics or criticisms, the birth of a healthy baby is something to be celebrated.

Have you noticed that Nicola Sturgeon’s hair is as perfectly neat as ever? Is she, I wonder, picking up the scissors herself or could she be flouting the social distancing rules?

It’s been suggested that the distancing rules may be relaxed to allow us to socialise with a group pf ten people. I’m not sure how this could work. If I choose ten contacts and you choose ten contacts, does that not mean that I am effectively linked to 20 contacts? And then there’s their contacts…and so on. To put it another way, it’s ok for me to see my grandchildren, but their other grandparents will want to see them too so the pool just gets bigger which surely defeats the object of limiting. And what a way to offend and alienate friends!

Steve Double, MP for St Austell and Newquay has thanked the Devon and Cornwall Police for their proactive approach in preventing people travelling to Cornwall for non-essential purposes including to visit their second homes and for a holiday. Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has said that British holidaymakers must forget about seaside holidays ‘for some time to come’.

Hols 8Husband and I are due to go to Devon in July but I’ve read that residents of many such areas have made it clear that they do not want tourist visitors while the virus is still a danger , even putting up  signs urging non-locals to go home. I don’t blame them and am happy to forego my holiday.  Whilst we wait information from the holiday company, we hear today that Germany is considering a further lockdown due to a spike in coronavirus cases since restrictions were relaxed. We surely do not want to find ourselves in the same position.

I enjoyed (if that can be the right word to use when reading about something so emotive) the article about PPE by journalist Robert Hardman, who reminds us that whilst we are right to level criticism at the Government, we must all feel a certain obligation to do our bit , just as during WWII when the public were asked to donate pots and pans that could be melted down for aircraft parts,  or a whole town might have a fund to build an entire Spitfire. In a similar spirit today, local communities fundraise for vital equipment such as a scanner for their local hospital. Similarly, Hardy points out that fundraising to help with the PPE crisis, is not about doing the Government’s job for it, but about us all trying to do what we can in a national crisis.  To this end, The Daily Mail has, in conjunction with its parent group and other major businesses,  spearheaded a campaign to obtain PPE. Working in conjunction with the NHS to ensure the correct quality, the first of the planes carrying it has arrived and distribution is underway.

Of course the PPE issue should have been tackled earlier, and of course our pre-pandemic stocks should have been higher. However, whilst there will no doubt be a mammoth debriefing exercise when the time is right, at this moment in time the most important thing is to get that PPE bought and delivered. Public donations of money are already pouring in to the PPE fund and can be made at




  1. I wish Nicola would just let her hair go MAD. Just let it grow, have it stick up in all directions. Have the ? roots show? Her hair is uptight.


  2. I had the same thought as you about this idea of having 10 contacts. Could cause a lot of problems. I was talking to my SIL and they have more than ten people just with their children and grandchildren.


    • We have 24 counting our six children (three each) and their families! I just can’t see it working


  3. Thanks Eloise, Robert Harry’s thourghts on ppe concur with mine. The nit picking – ‘should a, would a, could a’ can wait until we can get on top of this crisis.

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  4. Interested that you have also noticed hair. Not only NIcola Sturgeon but Matt Hancock and a lot of TV presenters. I continually wonder how they maintain this. My guess is that a professional is cutting it. As for me 8 weeks since last cut I have had to tackle it with my son’s clippers which irks me when those people banning contact with hairdressers are clearly using them

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    • You’re right, of course, Carol. It’s not just Ms. Sturgeon. I’m sure they are getting someone to cut it. My daughter in law is my hairdresser and I am staying away, so I think everyone else should! Thanks for joining in.


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