Late for Work


As Dolly sings……

“Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
Yawn and stretch and try to come to life…..”

I’d woken at about 5am yesterday but fell back into a deep sleep. Husband, who gets up earlier than me 99% of the time was also asleep. Whilst I’m working at home, we’re not using the alarm as we don’t (usually!) need it. Thus, it was a most unusual morning. I am never late for work. Never, never, NEVER!  On most days I am at least half an hour early, but today wasn’t most days.  I switched on my PC at 9.02am having had only to ‘tumble outta bed, get dressed and and climb seven stairs’ and found twenty one new emails  – pretty much all on the same subject.

Our new, recently installed pay system has gone live for April payroll. Although pay isn’t due to hit the bank accounts until Friday, payslips were available to view online from yesterday but most people hadn’t followed the registration process until they knew that the payslips would be available, and the welcome email they received a couple of weeks ago had expired. Not a complex matter to rectify, but a time consuming one. Once sorted, all went very quiet for a couple of hours until my boss, who is the group manager for the UK, sent a couple of mails which filled the rest of my time.

Having packed up my desk for the day, metaphorically speaking, I thought about how I might like to spend the afternoon or, more accurately, which of the limited activities currently available I’d like to do. If going for a walk we tend to do it in the evening when almost no-one is about, baking was out of the question as we don’t need anything and dinner was already planned. Husband was tied up with his photography so Scrabble wasn’t a possibility. Reading, crocheting, card making and watching TV all involve sitting down, and I’d been doing that for several hours at my desk. In the end I sorted out my wool stock, did a bit of ironing and watched ‘Escape to the Country’.  I’m not bored, but it is all getting a bit samey.

Today, at my desk well ahead of my start time, I dealt with what I had to and finished with about 20 minutes to spare until my usual finish time.  I’d thought that with a number of staff furloughed, that this period of working at home might be a quiet one, but on the whole it’s ticking along pretty much as it does in ‘normal’ times.

After work, I went to the post box and took the longer route home. Then I read the newspaper online. Roll on the days when we can get back to a proper newspaper; I miss it.

Can you tell that I can’t think of much to write about today? LOL


  1. Sounds like work is keeping you busy. Too funny about sleeping in and being late for work-from-home! 😀 I find that my days are still full, even though I am home and am not doing anything much! I guess I’m busy doing nothing? Hope you have a good week, Eloise. Take care.

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    • I can be busy doing nothing too and seem to manage to fill up my days. I thought lockdown time would go slowly but it’s really not; I can’t believe how quickly the weeks still fly by


  2. I keep getting an email telling me I will be receiving a different email with my online payslip registration details. It still hasn’t arrived. They are hoping it will arrive on Friday now. I won’t hold my breath. 😃


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