Holidays, Dreams, Biscuits and Books

Holidays: We are booked to go to Devon in July.  Currently the holiday company has cancelled all bookings up to the start of June and are offering refunds, or to rebook them for the same time next year with a 20% discount.   If they cancel ours in July, no problem, and we’d definitely take up the offer for next year. However, if they don’t cancel, but we decide not to go,  we’d have to cancel by 28th May, and if we then re-book for next year, the cost is an additional £600. Alternatively, if we take the holiday, do we want to have to wear a mask whilst we’re out (it looks as though that will happen) and be restricted as to where we go? It’s a lot of money to pay out if we can’t really enjoy ourselves.  Maybe it would be better to wait. Furthermore, is it fair to the local residents who will still likely be subject to social distancing, to have an influx of visitors?  On the other hand, tourism is a major (probably the major) source of income for the area and it many local businesses rely on a busy season.  I guess it’s a case of wait and see and defer our decision.

Dreaming: One night last week I had a dream that my tooth crumbled and I was left with a gap. Wondering what crumbling teeth indicate in ‘dream speak’, I looked it up…   “The crumbling teeth seen in your dream can indicate a loss of control in life or that you are unable to defend an attack by your enemies”.  Sounds about right!



Biscuits: I almost never buy biscuits but we have no sweet treats in the house so yesterday I made some orange flavoured ones. It was only after I’d mixed the ingredients that I realised the recipe called for icing sugar rather than caster sugar, but not prepared to waste a whole bowl of mixture, I went ahead and baked them. They were fine. Next time I may try some nutty ones.


Books: I’ve read two and three quarters* in the past week.  The first was a recommendation, The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder, Sarah J Harris.  If you liked The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, then you’d probably like this too. Amazon describes the protagonist, Jasper, thus:

1. He sees the world completely differently.
2. He can’t recognise faces – not even his own.
3. He is the only witness to the murder of his neighbour, Bee Larkham.

I enjoyed it, but not as much as the next one I read, One Moment by Linda Green – which coincidentally has a few similarities – a boy with social difficulties who lives with his widowed father. It is however, a totally different story and the various relationships are portrayed beautifully. I’ve read others of Linda Green’s books and found them enjoyable too.

The *three-quarters mentioned is the book I’m currently reading and I’m liking this one too. The Other Half of Augusta Hope by Joanne Glen focuses on two young people, one UK based, and the other in the African country of Bunundi.   Their stories are moving along together – hugely different and yet there is an undeniable similarity. For a debut novel, I think it’s outstanding. It’s one of those that I could read at a sitting but don’t want to finish.

And that’s it for today, folks!


  1. The biscuits look delicious, Eloise.
    I can understand your dilemma regarding your holiday. There are so many uncertainties to consider.
    Take care. X

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    • Meant to say that I made the mincemeat shortbread recipe that you shared. Delicious but the calories – Oh dear!!


  2. The biscuits look delicious. I Have a recipe for gingernuts and am going to try them when the restrictions have lifted, and I can go buy sugar and golden syrup, both of which I seldom ever have. It is a quandary about your proposed trip, best wishes for the dilema solving itself nicely xx

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  3. What a dilemma to face, whether to cancel and have your money refunded or come on holiday (provided lockdown is lifted by July) and wear a face mask. And there again, we need the tourists in Devon and Cornwall … it is just about the only industry. A real dilemma. I think I’d be inclined to cancel, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.
    The biscuits look lovely, it’s years since I made biscuits so about time I made some! And the books look good, too. I’m enjoying reading light books (well, their authors mightn’t think they ‘light’!) at the moment, Milly Johnson and Erica James, and I absolutely loved Marcia Willett’s latest, The Garden House (the Garden House of the title is an actual garden in Buckland Monachoram in West Devon, on the edges of Dartmoor).
    Margaret P

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    • A little thing in the scheme of big things but nonetheless, a dilemma. We’ve talked about it at length. The thing is – if the company cancels we get the same booking at a reduced price next year, but if we choose to cancel and the park has opened by then, it will cost us £600 more for the same holiday next year. Time will decide, I suppose. Light reading is exactly what is needed at the moment – and although Bee Larkham is a murder, it’s still an easy read. I’ve heard of Buckland Monachorum but not sure whether I have been there. Even if I have, I’m pretty sure I’ve not been to The Garden House.


  4. Our holiday to Clacton in May was cancelled so I have just rebooked for June. The main reason for going is to visit family who live there so hoping we will be able to see them. Like you we have been weighing it up.


    • Fortunately we have a few weeks, but it’s different when it’s about visiting family. We already cancelled a few days at my daughter’s.


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