Groundhog Day

GroundhogThe groundhog (or woodchuck) is a squirrel-like North American creature which hibernates for between three and six months throughout the winter, It’s said that when they emerge from their burrow in February, they retreat underground if they see their shadow, the reasoning being that a sunny day indicates a later spring. If they don’t see their shadow because of cloudiness then it means that spring will be late so they retreat back underground to repeat the exercise of hibernating and waking.   The term ‘groundhog day’ is used to describe a situation in which a series of events recurs in exactly the same way – caught in a loop. In groundhog speak, ‘every day is winter’ ….until it’s not!

We’re having rather a lot of groundhog days at the moment.



    • Same old, same old! I rather like Mr Groundhog – he looks quite like a pine marten. We first came across pine martens when in Scotland and, advised by the locals, we used to put jam sandwiches out for them at night. It was fascinating to watch them bring their young ones to the feast


  1. I’ve often wondered what a groundhog looks like and now I know. I haven’t seen the film but maybe now would be a good time. Btw, I finished the Mike Gayle booked and I enjoyed it so much that I have ordered it for a friend!

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  2. The days run together. Work five shifts a week, stay home for two and back for five more.

    Last week, I said “is this Tuesday or Wednesday?” A voice answered “no, Mum, it’s Thursday”. My work daughter was laughing on the other side of the Nursing Station. We’ve known each other nearly 15 years and she’s just like one of my own at this point.


    • It certainly does get muddled. I love the term ‘work daughter’. I had one in my last full time job too. She used to say that I was her role model !


  3. I’ve always wanted to know what that expression meant. Yes, one day rolling into another. I have to check my phone every day to see what day it is. Luckily we are having lovely autumn weather here in New Zealand so we can go for little walks close to home. I live by a busy suburban road which of course is not busy at the moment. This morning I could smell an exquisite smell as I walked along said road. I was trying to figure out what it was and where it was from. I finally did. It was the smell of nature. Without the petrol fumes. Intoxicating.

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    • It all feels like that bit between Christmas and New Year when I lose track of what day it is! How lovely to actually smell spring. I love the smell in the air in autumn.

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  4. It really refers to the film “ Ground Hog Day “ with Bill Murray..if you haven’t seen it, this is a great time to do so!


    • I have, Lynda….many moons ago, but I read that the film title was a reference to the term ‘groundhog day’ which was coined because the groundhog keeps doing the same thing (popping out of his hole and retreating for another day or so) several times before coming out altogether.


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