A Monday Mixture

I looked in my diary: 9am Hair, 10am Gym, 3pm Dentist, 5.30pm Slimming World. I mentally crossed them all out and then, although not technically at work today, logged in to email as there are a lot of enquiries to do with pay adjustments as staff are furloughed (not working but paid at 80% under the Government’s Job Retention Scheme) or self isolating and on sick pay.  An hour and a half later I was still responding to emails and answering my phone (I’ve had my work phone diverted to my mobile). It’s a time of great flux with everyone who is still working going that ‘extra mile’ and being as flexible as we can to keep the business running and, importantly, protecting our jobs for the future. Even with the Government help, many smaller businesses are set to crease trading.


Whilst sitting at my desk, I heard Husband talking to someone in the back garden. My ‘safety antennae’ sprang into action in and I looked out of the window to see him facing (from the requisite distance) a man holding a chainsaw!  Apparently chainsaw man is the local tree surgeon who had been cutting down trees at a neighbour’s house and, from his ladder, could see a pile of garden trimmings in our garden. He said that he could remove them, and also asked whether we’d like the very tall, sycamore tree cut back. With rear access to the garden, the job wouldn’t impact on us in terms of distancing so a price was agreed and it all now looks a lot tidier than in the photograph. It also saves Husband several trips to the tip and yet more tree trimming. Although he doesn’t like to admit that the heavier work in the garden tires him out, I think that there comes a time when paying someone else to do certain jobs makes sense.

Later I made a card to send to my two younger grandsons. At three and a half and nearly five, they just don’t understand what is going on. Having abandoned school and pre-school, no longer going to the playground or seeing their cousins or grandparents, their routines and structures have been totally disrupted and they are understandably confused and not coping too well.  I’ve explained that I can’t send Easter Eggs through the post but that when I see them, I shall come bearing chocolate.

The washing is blowing in the sunshine. Rain was forecast but it came early in the morning before we got up, so with luck, the sun should shine all day. The rest of the day will consist of ironing, a walk to the post box with said card, catching up on Belgravia which clashed last night with The Nest and the online Slimming World group meeting at 6pm.  I’ve condensed the freezer contents ready for the frozen items that will (hopefully) be delivered with the shopping which is due to arrive between 9pm and 10pm. My next delivery is booked for three weeks time.

Whilst typing this I’ve just had an email from Asda – 8 substitutions – most of which are ok  – but there’s little point to the Flora substitute or the various baking ingredients when there are NO EGGS!

Later: My brother dropped (not literally) 14 eggs on my doorstep. He’d read yesterday’s blog post which detailed the egg conservation. Hooray for little brothers – I shall drop  gently place a cake on his doorstep later in the week. Perhaps that what he had in mind!


  1. You must have been very happy to discover the eggs. It was very thoughtful of your brother to drop some off for you, but if he’s anything like mine then he was possibly motivated to do this by you returning the favour. X

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    • He was at pains to assure me there was no ulterior motive! I’m sure he liked the cake though. I miss our dinner dates!


  2. Oh, I didn’t realize eggs were in short supply. I’ve just 12 today – three for breakfast scrambled eggs for the two of us, two quiches with three eggs in each, and a cake with three eggs, total 12! I wonder what name we could use for those who are extravagant with eggs – eggshibitionist? Bad-eggscample?
    Margaret P

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    • Eggs-celent, Margaret! I will be making cake this afternoon now that I don’t have to be quite so careful with them. After all, if we can’t have a treat right now, it’s a poor show!


  3. That was very nice of you to put in some office time even on your day off. I imagine a lot of people have questions about their paychecks at this time.

    It’s good that your husband is able to have some help with the garden and how wonderful of your brother to bring you some eggs! Yes, a cake sounds like a good way to thank him for them. 🙂


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