A Friday Farrago

Farrago: a confused mixture, a hotchpotch.

I refer to a confusion of subjects or, more precisely, a series of unrelated subjects,  but I rather like the word ‘farrago’ so I’ve hi-jacked it to suit.

I can barely believe that we are almost into another weekend. Unsurprisingly the last one was somewhat quiet. No-one visiting, nowhere to go but quiet doesn’t mean boring. And I wasn’t, I haven’t been…bored that is.  On Saturday I roped Husband into springcleaning. I was really pleased with the results of both our efforts: furniture moved, cupboards emptied – the contents cleaned, sorted and tidied, vacuuming, steaming, polishing.  However, I’ve no wish to repeat such an exercise this weekend!

What else has filled the week?  Daughter’s poorly’ blanket for her new house complete, I sorted through all those leftover bits of yarn and started another. I’ve no idea who will be the recipient but it makes me feel that I am using my time productively. Talking of the new house, they finally moved in (it was looking a bit uncertain at one point and they were worried that they’d find themselves paying both rent and the mortgage but it all worked out) though having torn up all the laminate flooring (not liked and best it’s best anyway) she is now on bare boards as the new carpets which should have been fitted prior to moving day are stuck in the ‘lockdown ether’. Although there is no decision to be made just yet, it may be that the wedding and honeymoon in Canada will have to be deferred.

Here are both the full-grown and the fledgling blanket.  Perhaps now is the time to make something else too – there’s a 34 year old teddy sitting on the spare bed who has long been in need of a new jumper!

I’ve watched more television than I would normally have done,  currently enjoying The Nest and The Trouble with Maggie Cole and, as always, Masterchef. A short series of five stand-alone stories in Moving On (BBC iplayer) was excellent. There are apparently ten earlier series but I can’t find them anywhere.  I thought I might send for a dvd showing some of the others but the Series 1-8 box-set price tag of £208 put me off!  The other afternoon I curled up in the chair and watched Escape to the Country, recommended by Margaret Powling who knew how much I’d enjoy seeing the Devon countryside and a glimpse of Brixham.  It’s probably the nearest I’m going to get to Brixham this year as our holiday will likely have to be postponed. If you too have a soft-spot for Devon, then I recommend Margaret’s blog here  for lovely photos of her much loved home county.  Later I watched Location, Location, Location and marvelled that a young couple could have a million pounds to spend!

We have designated the downstairs cloakroom as a ‘quarantine room’ though I hadn’t called it that until I read on Margaret’s blog that someone else did so. Wearing disposable gloves, we place everything coming into the house in there for a few days before being opened/touched. Even then, when any lingering virus should have died, I’m still cleaning each package and item with anti-bac.  Only food items delivered with the on-line shop are tackled immediately.

Have you found that food assumes a greater significance when there’s not a lot going on? I now find myself thinking in terms not only of avoiding waste, but also of conserving.  Should I make a cake or use the eggs for a meal so that some other item can be saved for another day? I thought that perhaps I was alone in thinking this way but I’ve spoken to others who feel the same.  Currently we’ve no bread and will have to eke out the milk. Husband is a tea-drinker but if it’s to be black, then he’d prefer coffee but I don’t drink tea and can’t stand black coffee. However, I have a couple of sachets of instant hot chocolate (I keep them in for the granddaughters but they won’t be using them any time soon) and some lemon squash which I quite like hot. I have a delivery due on Monday but I’m not hopeful that it will be all that I’ve requested. We could, of course, go to our local Tesco Express but are doing our very best to stay away for as long as possible.

I’ve just remembered, I started to look for eggless cake and biscuit recipes but got sidetracked. I’ll take another look and see what I can find.  I find cooking a useful de-stresser but for now I need to be careful about using up my ingredients too quickly. A friend mentioned that flour can’t be found locally for ‘love nor money’!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading too and tomorrow’s post will tell you a little about the books I’ve chosen.



  1. PS I’m doing the same apropos food – do I use eggs for an omelette or a cake, should I keep them in case the meat and fish ‘run out’; should we warm some milk and have a drop left over (wasteful) or put cold milk into our tea and coffee? One thing this is all teaching us is to be less wasteful, for we can all cut back and use up things, can’t we?
    Margaret Powling


    • I think many of us must be thinking in the same way. I was about to make peppercorn sauce to go with chicken and then remembered that I couldn’t ‘waste’ it. It certainly makes one think


  2. Thank you for the mention, Eloise, and glad you enjoyed that particular Escape to the Country! I know where the ‘mystery’ house was, as it had been constructed – one of a number – from old farm buildings in Churston Ferrers. I also wonder at how on earth a young couple can have their mitts on £1 million to spend on a property – perhaps inherited money, but if it’s on a mortgage, they would have to have exceedingly well-paid jobs to afford the repayments, plus the stamp duty and moving costs, etc.
    I love new words, too; farrago is a good one for this kind of post, a gallimaufry of unrelated items. We are true wordsmiths, aren’t we!!!
    Well done on spring cleaning, I’ve not yet started that. I have a few jobs to do, such a looking through some old photos to find those of my late uncle and aunt to send to my cousin’s son (for whom they were his grandparents). I also want to respond to a whole host of lovely emails, and then write to a friend who doesn’t use a computer or email. Once these things are done, then perhaps I will start spring cleaning … there again I might not!
    Margaret Powling


    • I’ve never forgotten ‘gallimaufry’, Margaret and I learned that one from you! Enjoy NOT doing the spring cleaning! It’ll still be there another day.


  3. So interesting to hear what other people are doing – it’s kind of reassuring that one isn’t being paranoid. I too have a quarantine area. We have a small flat but in our hallway is an Ikea hall table where everything we buy and whatever comes in to the flat sits for 4 days. Thats bar the cold/frozen goods. All packaging is then taken off and we then put away. I don’t have any disposable gloves so it’s a good wash of the hands after that.

    Also having read your post and hearing you are avoiding shopping even though running out of milk, we have decided not to go to any of the local shops which are small and only allow 2 people in at a time, but even so with the peak approaching we are locking down tighter than ever. Still going out for a walk but probably avoiding the sea-front on Sunday when everybody will be taking the air!

    We’re not in the least bit bored as have so many things to keep us occupied. You take care x


    • Even though I am out and about a lot in normal times, and missing family, I’m not at all bored at home and can always find something to occupy me. Glad to reassure you that you aren’t paranoid…..or if you are then am too. I really don’t care if anyone thinks I am – we have to do what feels right for ourselves. Not sure how far you are from the sea but perhaps you are able to breathe in the wonderful ozone from your window even without a sea-front walk ! Take care

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  4. I learned a new word today! Farrago! My, but, you were busy in a very productive way, last weekend! I like your new blanket – nice selection of colors. I like the idea of a quarantine room! I hope you and your husband continue to stay well during this time and perhaps manage to get a delivery of milk! Looking forward to seeing what you are reading.


    • I love a new word! Daughter wanted golds and greys but I am rather liking the green one. I think I may eventually have to brave the small supermarket which is a short walk away in search of milk.


  5. For an eggless cake try the chocolate mayo cake on TracingRainbows site under March, Lockdown Larder in her side bar. I was a bit skeptic but it tasted lovely when I made it.


  6. Farrago – another uncommon word I can include in a list I’m making for my eldest grand-daughter, thank you. It’s just for a bit of fun for her, also a connection between us while this virus is here. I used to do this when we lived in Wales, I’d make up stories, poetry and puzzles and send them through the post as she loved receiving post, although she couldn’t read it then as she was too young. I would use a blank card and draw a picture of the story/poem on the front and also use stickers. She has kept them all in a ‘special’ box which made it all worth while, lol.

    Moving On has been going for a few years now and I believe I’ve seen them all. They are usually on for a week, (one episode a day), around lunch-time. Some are quite thought provoking. It’s a good series.

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    • What a lovely thing to do to encourage a love of words in your granddaughter. And how wonderful that she has kept all that you sent her. I hadn’t realised until recently that Moving On had been a daytime programme. I now understand how I never came across it!


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