Come in Number 99,367

The Ocado order wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined. There were six items missing – all to do with household cleaning. I have enough to manage for the time being but it does concern me if I can’t get them next time.  There were also far fewer substitutions than the text had implied – just three items; strawberry yogurt instead of peach (tolerable), and different brands on tinned sweetcorn and tomatoes which was no problem although the tomatoes are organic ones costing £1.19 a tin. I’d never pay that for tinned tomatoes! We can live without them and I could have refused them but the man delivering looked so tired and beaten, I felt sorry and didn’t want to make his job any harder. Wearing gloves, we hauled the bags in, wiped every item and steamed the floor afterwards. Maybe that wasn’t necessary, maybe it was ‘over the top’, but it’s what I wanted to do.

I logged on to try to make an order for a couple of weeks time, reasoning that some of the missing items might by then be back in stock.  You are number 99,367 in the queue said on-screen message! The waiting time was expected to be over 4 hours. Fortunately once a queue number has been allocated, the page can be closed and returned to later. I eventually got in (after 3 hours 25 minutes) but  all delivery slots were fully booked until 17th April and they hadn’t yet opened up any more.

I tried Morrisons and Asda. Morrisons have no slots available and are fully booked until 18th April. They’ve not released any more yet. Asda had a delivery slot in 10 days time so I registered, booked the slot, filled the virtual trolley (mostly with substitutes for what I wanted – so many things were sold out) and then tried to check out. Every time I input my bank details I received an error message saying that my town did not exist! I went through the process several times but to no avail. There is a large Asda in this very town so it seems to be a website blip. I tried ringing customer services but the recorded messages say that they will only deal with orders due today or those already delivered.  Could be that a store visit will eventually become a necessity. Mid-day update – I read online that changing the browser from Chrome to Explorer might help. It did, and my order is now placed. 

The local stores are offering an early hour for pensioners to shop but I don’t want to send Husband who is nearly 75 and I, of course, am not a pensioner! Meanwhile, we’re doing ok.

Here’s what we ate yesterday evening. Very enjoyable stuffed mushrooms and fried potatoes; there was salad too. Later I’ll prepare a chicken curry for tonight.  Stay well, stay safe.

Stuffed much


  1. Well, at least you managed to get your order in! I guess everyone is asking for deliveries! I’m just not shopping, at all, right now. Just going to eat from what I have in the freezer and the pantry. Your dinner looks good. 🙂


  2. People over 70 in New Zealand, and special cases, are the ones who get supermarket delivery. There are queues at 7am. Today I have chicken soup brewing, making yoghurt is next, and hopefully, as I live in a cul-de-sac, a hilly one of course, (!) I shall do several sorties up and down tthe hill, or even over the road and back again several times just to be weird, each day that it’s not raining. Go well, best wishes xx


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