Working, shopping and keeping busy

10Working: Even though I have worked in HR for many years, I’m learning a lot this week! I work for a business which transports goods including some non-fresh foodstuffs and components of essential hygiene items so some employees fall into the ‘key worker’ category.  I’m not liking work very much at the moment – too many difficult conversations as the daily announcements by the Government are confusing people no end. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have explained that the Government will only cover 80% of salary if a person’s employer ‘furloughs’ them (i.e.has no work for them and will otherwise make them redundant). Many think that they will receive this 80% if they are off work self-isolating; this is not the case.

Shopping: I have an Ocado order due this evening. I’ve planned and ordered with a view to not venturing out to the supermarkets for as long as possible intending that we can isolate ourselves rather than socially distancing when shopping.  I’h thought that with Ocado having no stores and limiting quantities they would be more able to control stock levels. In my last shop a couple of weeks ago, there was only one substitution but I’ve just received a text to say that there is a high number of missing items or substitutions. Lucky dip shopping! As time goes on, we may have to become very inventive in our meals.

Who’d have thought that the face of shopping could change so dramatically in so few days?  I’ve ordered hand wash and shower gel (both seemingly in short supply in the supermarkets) from Splosh.  I will see whether I like it enough to order refills.  Meat has been ordered from Donald Russell, although what I want is out of stock until mid-April. We’ve bought from here in the past and the quality (according to Husband who eats it) is excellent. The company has marvellous reviews. A few books have been bought for Kindle, not my preferred reading medium but cheaper and I might be buying a lot! A friend was telling me that her daughter who works for an auction TV channel said that they are super-busy. With all but essential shops closed and no external entertainment, I guess that online companies will prosper as people sit at home wondering what to do.

Keeping busy: I’m not one of those wondering what to do as I’ve plenty to keep me busy.  I may well be singing a different song several weeks down the road …

  • leftover yarn from various blankets crocheted over the past year can be used to make another one
  • plenty of materials for cardmaking
  • blog posts to write
  • blogs to read
  • books to read
  • exercise programme
  • a few items of clothing I want to alter
  • baking ingredients (though these will dwindle and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to replace them easily – tonight’s delivery will give me an idea on that one)
  • television series that I always meant to watch but have never got around to (The Bletchley Circle, Moving on)
  • exchange of texts and phone calls with family and friends
  • a whole-house spring clean
  • scrabble – we used to play a lot. I think it will see a revival
  • write short stories
  • sit in the garden drinking coffee
  • reacquaint myself with my old sewing machine
  • have a well overdue huge sort out in our home-office
  • Washing my own hair and doing my own nails. I usually contract these jobs out!

And, of course, at the moment I’m still working. How will you be spending your enforced free time?






  1. It’s challenging times for everyone. At the moment I’m keeping busy with home learning, gardening and trying to keep away from the fridge 🙂


    • LOL, it is difficult to maintain routine with regard to food when we’re at home so much as we are at the moment!


  2. I’m a nurse, so no free time.

    I hope that my health authority gives us some extra annual leave when this is over, but I doubt it. They’ve promised to lay off staff when the crisis is over. Oh, and our parking fees rise on April 1st.

    It’s hard to be cheerful and positive when we know that we are expected to show up every shift and be tossed aside when we are no longer needed.


  3. Writing. Which was going to be my income anyway, I had been leading up to it. Gym of course is closed so I’m doing a morning routine for flexibilty and tone, and an evening simple yoga one to wind down. Cleaning and sorting. Keeping in touch via texts and messages.


  4. Your list of things to do, or ideas of things to do, exhausts me, Eloise! But yes, the face of shopping has changed in a matter of a couple of weeks and it makes me wonder whether people will return to the supermarkets once they have experienced online shopping. I love online shopping and it means that when I shop, I can go to small specialist shops for ‘nice’ things and not just loo rolls and tea bags. Which doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy food shopping, I do, but online certainly makes it easier.
    I plan on taking it easy, leg pain right now makes too much spring cleaning and/or gardening or any other such activity rather painful.
    Keep safe and well.
    Margaret p


    • Carry on taking it easy, Margaret! I hope the leg pain eases soon. I like online shopping but trying to book my next date is proving impossible – all booked up for weeks ahead


  5. Sounds like you’ve lots of things planned to keep you busy while you are spending time at home, Eloise. I’ve never done online grocery shopping, but, it might be something I’ll have to look into!


  6. At present I am homeschooling my youngest and trying to keep his attention has become increasingly hard, thank goodness for baking! reading instructions, mixing components together and measuring. I’m just worried about our waistline! 🙂


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