Plans awry

St David's DayA happy Saint David’s Day to all.

Firstly an apology to all those who left comments on last week’s post and to whom I didn’t respond. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, it’s been a busy week. However, I will always reply (even if it takes a few days) and have now done so. Thank you for taking the time to share your views; they are always welcome.

The plan for a soup-making week failed along with all the  electrical sockets in the kitchen (miraculously, apart from the freezer  – actually not a miracle, just very fortunately part of the upstairs circuit) and the sitting room. The cooking plans floated off into the ether whilst Husband eventually tracked down the problem to the new fence panels (!) which had been fitted the week before. You have to admire the detective work that came up with that as the cause!  The fence post had been concreted in over the armoured electrical cable (which leads to the shed at the top of the garden), and had squashed it. The first sign that anything was wrong was the intermittent problem with the fuse box. Yet another day of heavy rain did for it altogether.

On Thursday I was due to go out for lunch but illness (not mine) meant that it was cancelled, and then on Friday my plans to go to the gym were curtailed when Granddaughter was poorly with tonsillitis  so I looked after her.  I’m hoping for a more on-plan week starting with appointments for hair colour and nails tomorrow … and perhaps some soup-making.

After the wettest February on record, we awoke this morning to no rain and sunlight flooding the bedroom – curious since we sleep at the front of the house which is north facing but I’d left the door to the spare room open and the sun was streaming through the fanlight over our door. What a lovely way to welcome in a new month…even if it’s unlikely to last!



  1. How clever to track the cause of the power problems and I hope your granddaughter is feeling a bit better. Tonsillitis is no joke.


    • Much better soon after thanks, Joy. Though she did suggest a few extra days off school might make her feel even more better!


  2. Too bad your plans went awry, last week, but, hope this week is turning out to be better. That was good detective work on your husband’s part! Hope your granddaughter is feeling better, too.


  3. I’m looking forward to reading your soup recipes (hint, hint) as you are such a good cook. I admire the way that you have nice things that you do for yourself (gym, hair), for me this became something that I had to learn to do. I’m still learning…..


    • When Husband suggested it may be to do with the fence, I secretly thought ‘no chance’, but glad I was wrong! Cold is manageable but I’m so looking forward to the warmer days


  4. Your welcome to the new month sounds far more pleasant than mine. Still, I keep telling myself surely this weather can only get better now.
    I’m sorry your week didn’t work out as originally planned. It was fortunate you figured out what caused the sockets to fail. I hope it’s all sorted now and also that your granddaughter is on the mend.
    I hope this coming week is better for you, although once your hair and nails are done you’ll be prepared for anything. 😊


  5. You could say your week was ‘interesting’, Eloise! But my goodness, that was wonderful detective work to locate the problem with the electricity cable!
    And Happy St David’s Day to you, too! We must also remember it’s dear old St George’s Day later this month (and Shakespeare’s birth/death day, too).
    Will this rain never cease? (That even sounds like a line from the Bard!) “The rain it raineth every day”!
    Margaret P


    • Haha, good job you weren’t around in his day; you’d have given him a run for his money! Yes, I was impressed that Husband thought about the cable. He said that once the possible had been discounted, then he considered the impossible (which actually proved to be possible)! St Georges Day does rather get left out in terms of Saints’ days, doesn’t it?


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