Weekend No. 2

I’m so pleased that many of my previous readers came back to visit last weekend when I decided to resurrect my blog, and touched by your kind comments. Thank you.

On Thursday I took the day off work and caught the train to Milton Keynes. I’d usually work until midday but on this occasion I travelled earlier as I’d made plans to meet up with a cousin who lives in MK (only 5 minutes from the station, I discovered); we had a great lunch together with her daughter at a local pub. Definitely to be repeated in the summer (cousin is bound by school holidays and this was half term week). Our late fathers were brothers and we reminisced about the family times we’d spent together as children as well as catching up on family news. Later, she returned me to the station where Daughter’s partner picked me up and I went to stay with them for a couple of nights. Delicious food, coffee shops, shopping and ‘just chilling’ made for a lovely (but always too short) time. Each visit has seen one or other of the four trains I catch (two in each direction), cancelled. This time was no different but I was able to change (at no extra cost) to the ‘fast’ train and arrived home half an hour earlier. But it’s not always like that and can be very frustrating. If only public transport was more reliable more people might be more often inclined to leave their cars at home. When time is of the essence, I’d never risk it.

snowdrops 2019Husband has been working in the garden where everything is growing madly (including the beautiful snowdrops, but I don’t mind those).  The winds, which had died down, returned last night and again we had to sleep with the bedroom window closed – not our preferred option.

We are hoping that the wind will cease again as two fence panels had to be replaced recently and it’s a costly business nowadays – one of those jobs that Husband used to do himself but now prefers to ‘contract out’. I feel like that about curtain alterations but have nevertheless been roped in to shortening the ones that Daughter has bought for her new house (and did I really say that I’d make cushion covers with the leftover fabric). Contracts are now exchanged and the move will take place in a few week’s time. Fingers crossed that she will stay put for a while this time after 14 moves (or thereabouts) in 15 years!

Today elder son and family came for brunch – what else can we call an 11.15am full English breakfast? Remember when ‘Elevenses’ meant drink and a biscuit? How very ‘Famous Five‘!  The little boys (3 and 4 years) seemed to enjoy themselves playing afterwards, but I felt sorry for the older one (13) who must have been quite bored. It’s nigh impossible to find the right balance for such an age spread. It’s not that the family are particularly exhausting but no cakes were baked this afternoon as I had a little sleep (which turned into a two hour one)!

Slimming World is not going well (or to be precise – my adherence to the SW plan is not going well). I need to buckle down and to that end will be relying heavily on home-made soups this week. I’ve lots of plans in mind, so look out next weekend for a ‘souper-post’.

And unrelated to anything else I’ve said …..did you know that in a list of ‘Specific shortage occupations’ recently published, classical ballet dancing is among those other essentials like nursing and civil engineering. You couldn’t make it up!

Have a great week.


  1. Just wow !!! you had a great weekend, spending quality time with your cousin and recalling memories of your childhood, I just wanna find some of my cousins with whom I had some meaningful childhood, cant meet them as they are far away but yes after reading your post I rang up one of my favorite cousin and talked for 35 minutes……Thank you, Eloise !!! Great and Happening Weekend 4 u. Take care.


  2. Yes, Elevenses was just tea (or coffee) and a biscuit when I was young, how things have changed. I’m an old reactionary and won’t use the word “brunch” unless repeating it such as here, as we have a late breakfast or an early lunch, ha ha. A bit like not saying “weekend” in Edwardian times (aka the Dowager Lady Violet of Downtown Abbey) … it’s a Friday to Monday.
    Margaret P


    • Haha, “What’s a weekend?” I remember that. I think Maggie Smith was given some of the best lines ever heard on TV. I quite like the word ‘brunch’ (though many other portmanteau words irritate greatly) as breakfast is a very small and unexciting affair for me) so ‘brunch’ conjures up something rather more exciting and substantial. Reactionary perhaps, Margaret but old – most definitely not! It’s only a number


  3. How lovely to have some quality time with your granddaughter!
    I do try and use public transport whenever I can but the lack of reliability means that I often return to my car.
    My eldest son and his long-term Brazilian girlfriend came to lunch on Sunday. He always requests a roast (with all the trimmings!) and luckily Brunna likes them, too. I felt quite pleased when she took several photos of my efforts to post on Instagram, so that she can share them with Brazilian friends an family – haha!


  4. You’ve had a busy week, but, how lovely that you were able to visit with your cousin and other family members, Eloise. Hope the nap helped! The snowdrops look beautiful.


    • We have more snowdrops than ever this year. They are the prettiest and most welcome flowers at any time of year, I think. I love how delicate they are and yet manage to outwit the worst weather


  5. You’ve had a busy week, although it’s always lovely to catch up with family. The winds have finally eased here now, for which I’m grateful. It’s strange how quiet everything seems now it’s no longer roaring around the house.
    That is quite an age spread with your grandchildren, but I’m quite sure 13 year olds are meant to be bored anyway 😉


    • Haha, you’re absolutely right about teenagers, Jules. My fifteen year old granddaughter has two personas…..sweet and gorgeous or grumpy, uncommunicative and BORED!


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