The Return

Having decided to stop writing , I’ve found myself missing it over the past couple of weeks.  Things would happen and I’d be thinking how I might write about them…then I’d remember that I’d cancelled my domain and the WordPress account. Fortunately they were paid up to April so it was just a case of changing the settings on each to ‘auto renew’. So here I am, back again. I’ve probably lost dozens of readers but hey-ho, lesson learned: I like to blog.

But the reasons for giving up are still here – my time is still stretched. More stretched in fact as I am working a few extra hours. I’ve not agreed to be contracted for these but to do the job as well I want to do it, my three long mornings are rarely enough. I’m going in half an hour earlier and working half an hour (or so) later.  So a new blog strategy is needed – one where I feel less pressured to write (my own pressure of course, there’s no prescribed level of contribution but  i’d been feeling that if I didn’t post three times a week, I’d somehow failed my own self-imposed standard.  The plan is one post per week – at the weekend. It’s still to log in, but you may have noticed the new title on the front page:  This is Sixty at the Weekend

I may, of course, pop in the extra one here and there, but telling everyone that I intend posting only once a week already seems to have lightened the load. It’s good to be back.




  1. Lovely to see you return, Eloise! I would miss my blog, too, were I to stop writing, it’s a creative outlet as well as a means of communicating with some great people.
    Margaret P


  2. It’s lovely to see you back. I’ve missed reading your blog. Post as little or as often as you feel like, you are under no obligation. X


  3. As you know, I’m so pleased you’re back! Blogging is addictive, isn’t it? I was telling someone about my own blog and they were surprised that I didn’t want to make money from it. I explained that, for me, it was a creative outlet and that it’s lovely being a part of the blogging community. It’s interesting how we put pressures on ourselves.


    • Agree absolutely (in capital letters) – blogging is a creative outlet for me. It’s great that others want to read it too. I shall be posting my first ‘at the weekend’ post later. I am my own worst enemy regarding self-pressure. Thanks for your encouragement – it was our exchange yesterday that spurred me on to return.

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  4. You should not feel pressurised at all to post – it’s lovely for us to read just as and when you have time. Welcome back!


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