The End

I’ve been writing this blog since April 2017. It’s been fun but the time has come when something has to give. I’m feeling the strain of a very busy life and have made the decision to cease writing

I’ll still pop in and say ‘Hi’ to other blogs from time to time.

Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to join me.

Wishing you a very happy 2020.

Thank you and goodbye. X




  1. I found your blog this last year and have really enjoyed it – checked out archived blog posts, as well. It has been lovely following your journey, and I hope that you will enjoy this next chapter of your life long adventure! 🙂


  2. I will miss your posts very much, Eloise. Thanks for all the pleasure they have given over the years and all the best for a very happy and much simpler New Year.
    I’m glad you won’t be disappearing completely and, just maybe, you’ll feel it right to come back at some point in the future.
    Happy New Year


  3. Sorry to read this, I love your blog! As a fellow blogger I know that about 1% of readers ever respond so I tend to not overthink it and just write whatever I want to write about! Thanks for the insight into your life xx


    • I’ve been amazed by the stats, Leigh, so many readers! I have been touched by the lovely comments today but just have an awful lot going on and not enough time or energy for everything. Unlike yourself who is something of a Wonder Woman!!! You’re an inspiration


  4. Life changes all the time, and we have to accommodate and make changes! I have very much enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photos – thank you for writing and every good wish for the future ……!


  5. I will definitely miss reading your posts, and since I don’t have a blog of my own I don’t know when our paths will cross again. But, I wish you all the best, it’s been lovely reading about your travels, your baking, slimming world, your time with eldest grand daughter and I hope you continue living your busy life. Wishing you health, happiness and a fulfilling 2020!


  6. I am so sorry to see you go. Although I didn’t comment,I have enjoyed reading your blog. Wishing you and your family a very happy new year.


  7. Hi Eloise. I was quite concerned when I saw the title of your post! I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate all the comments you have made on fancyingfrance. I didn’t start blogging until I retired, so I have always been very impressed by bloggers who write when working. I hope you will still stop by occasionally and I wish you all the best for 2020. June x


  8. Although I dont comment,I always enjoy your blog!,Sorry to see you leave…but will look out for you again in the future.Best Wishes,Debi xx.


  9. I, too, am sorry you are closing your blog, but understand your reasons, Eloise. Don’t feel too sad, though, because you will always be made welcome on others’ blogs when you comment, you are not totally disappearing.
    Margaret P


  10. A aah what a shame. I’m not long to your blog, having read it from the start a month or two ago however, juggling the balls of life is no easy task, even when working part time, so I fully get your decision

    Go where you need to be, do what you need to do for you and your family after all, you have one life so live it.

    Kind regards and best wishes for a great future.



  11. No, thank YOU Eloise, I’ve enjoyed your blog, even if I didn’t comment regularly. Best wishes for a less hectic future for you.


  12. Oh gosh Eloise, so very sorry to hear this. But I get it. I have ambitions to write other stuff and actually the fashion blog is quite a commitment but on the other hand I love communicating with people as I age and that is the whole point of it.

    But you do what you have to do – I am always amazed that people manage to write blogs whilst working. So I hope you take it up again when you retire.

    Wishing you all the very very best for 2020 x


  13. Happy New Year to you too.
    I have often wondered how you made the time to write your blog. With all your children, grandchildren and working. Well done. It has been interesting reading. Xx


    • Thank you so much Wendy, I had some lovely messages and even someone text from people who read but don’t respond on the blog. I feel quite sad now!


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