Another week of this and that

imageThis photo was taken eleven  days after I received these glorious lilies from a friend. Haven’t they done well?

We had a Christmas lunch at work, an excellent hot and cold buffet provided by one of our major customers. They bought in trestle tables, chairs, decorations and transformed our training room, feeding almost eighty of us over two days.  Thursday was my last working day before a very-much-looked-forward-to eleven day break. Day one was filled by a hair appointment, coffee at the gym (I skipped th exercise due to arriving late), food shopping, ironing and preparing for family visitors today. Elder son came with his family last Saturday, Daughter and hers today, and younger son and family will be here on Christmas Day. As much as I love to see them altogether, it is a lot less stressful to cater for them individually!

Tomorrow I will deliver the last couple of cards, decorate the Christmas cakes ready for delivery (of two of them) on Monday morning when I’ll also buy the fresh veg for Christmas Day. All else is in hand.

We had thought that the knocker on our new front door would be sufficient but when my phone rang the other evening, it was Granddaughter to say that she been knocking. A new doorbell was delivered this morning. Ludicrously it has 51 ring tones to choose from. A simple ‘ding-dong’ is all we really want, but having found that ‘Jingle bells’ also features, (much to Husband’s incredulity since he knows that I favour traditional and hate ‘naff’ ), I suggested that we use this just for a few days!







  1. Oh, what a great naff doorbell! If you’re going to do naff, do it in style and this is style!!! Does it play the national anthem for special occasions as well we Jingle Bells for Christmas? I’d love it!
    Margaret P


  2. It’s a great feeling to have completed most of your preparations and you must be so excited for your family to arrive. Not long to go now!
    I’m loving the idea of the festive doorbell. 🎄🎄🎄


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