The weekend

It was always going to be a kitchen orientated one. Yesterday was the first of the family Christmas lunches. Eldest son and family came. This meant two very excitable little boys, 3 and 4, and a much calmer one aged 13. We forewent traditional turkey for salmon. It was lovely to have them here, but I always fall asleep after a few hours with the tiny terrors!

Today I made three Christmas cakes; these are currently in the freezer awaiting decoration next week. A traditional Christmas cake would have been made weeks ago and fed regularly with brandy but I make a much lighter apple fruit cake. I used the same mixture to make a few fruit apple buns.


A coffee and a chocolate orange were decorated for Husband to take to his photography club social evening tomorrow. I also made a lemon crunch cake for a friend, a couple of others which are now also in the freezer as are the little fairy cakes.


Tomorrow evening is also the date for the Slimming World Christmas party. Each member takes a dish or two. My contribution is spiced potatoes and mini SW-style quiches.





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