Good friends, good food

G2The annual Gymophobics Christmas Lunch took place today.  That’s me, on the right at the back. There’s a second sitting tomorrow by which time 120 of us will have been fed with three delicious courses, mince pies, coffee and chocolates.  I said with confidence in yesterday’s post that it would be excellent, and it was. The staff work very hard for us and the food is served piping hot.

Good food with good friends and lots of laughter – excellent!

I was never the type to join a gym but one day back in 2010 and on the spur of the moment, I decided that I needed to be fitter. I think these lovely ladies would agree – joining Gymophobics has been one of the best decisions each of us has made.

A very short post today as I now have to go and pack. Early tomorrow morning I’ll be picking up my daughter-in-law and elder granddaughter for a girly weekend in Bruges …..oh, the lengths I have to go to, to find something to write about!



  1. Such fun! Well, it looked like it was from the photos and how lovely to catch a glimpse of you. We have our Zumba Christmas lunch the week after next. I’ve tried to explain to the OH, how important it is to exercise with like-minded people in a non- competitive environment but I’m not sure he gets it!


  2. Wow! So good to see you at last Eloise – nice to put a face to the person. And well done you for the consistency of your commitment to fitness. Do think that’s important. It will be two years in April that I’ve been going to Pilates adn it’s made such a difference to my life.


    • I think that any exercise is worthwhile, Penny. As we age, it’s all about core strength and Pilates is brilliant for that…so well done, you too.


  3. Nine years going to the gym! Fantastic. Do you have a routine, go to classes… or? I taught yoga in gyms for quite a few years and still meet up a couple of times a year for coffee and a laugh, with some of the ladies who cam eot the class for many years.


    • It’s a ladies gym for all ages but mainly aimed at the over 40s, where we follow a circuit of ten equipment ‘stations’ using resisted tension to exercise the whole body through ‘Integrating Isometric muscle contractions’ while performing resistance exercise. It’s a unique system which has a UK Trade Mark – the only exercise system in the UK to have one. It’s ideal for those with mobility issues and has a much higher ration of staff than a conventional gym which ensures one-to-one attention is available for anyone who requires it. There are a few classes available for those who prefer it. We have a good social life around it and I’ve made some great friends there.


  4. Sounds like a lovely get together with friends over a good meal. Enjoy your girls’ weekend with your DIL and granddaughter.

    By the way, I tried to comment on your earlier post, but wasn’t able to do so as there didn’t seem to be a place to leave a comment.

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    • I’ve no idea why that would be, Bless. I can’t view the pages as they would be seen by a reader unfortunately. Thanks for your good wishes


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