OreoMeet Oreo, just eight weeks old and TINY! Asked several times what she would like as a Christmas present, my 9 year old granddaughter gave only two answers – a purple dressing gown and a kitten. Since the household already has a cat and a dog, the latter seemed unlikely. The dressing gown was duly purchased, lilac rather than  purple but she will be happy with that on Christmas morning. Mum and Dad pondered on what to buy the ‘in-betweener’ ; apart from lego she’s barely playing with toys now but has no interest in more grown up  things so they relented. Kittens do not come to order and reluctant to wait until closer to Christmas and then not be able to get one, this little chap was ‘delivered’ to it’s new owner yesterday evening.  A total surprise to her, she is already besotted. I’ve been to visit this afternoon and he is gorgeous! Suggestions for names abounded but Granddaughter was adamant – Oreo, after her favourite biscuits.

DishMy own acquisition is this amber pressed glass bowl which will look fabulous filled with pear trifle on Christmas Day. Costing just £4.50 from a newly opened charity shop, I’m delighted.  If you read often, you may remember a shallower one I bought when we were in Brixham in the summer, and pretty though it is, this one definitely trumps it!  They had a few pink pressed glass items too, but I resisted.

Another recent purchase was a new duvet. When I stayed at my daughter’s recently, I slept under the most comfortable one I’d ever tried. It was super lightweight despite being a 10.5 tog, and had been bought from John Lewis. Ours was pretty old and significantly heavier, and we’d talked about a lighter-weight one so the following morning I got straight onto the John Lewis website and treated us to a new one. It’s lovely!


  1. So happy that she got a kitten!!!!!!!

    And since I can’t figure out how to comment on your latest post… I say here:

    And enjoy your gym party. what good works they do, there! All those gifts for children.

    Annnnd, I see one has to fill in spaces, at bottom, to comment here. I do hope, that we do not have to do this, each and every time. I like it, when those spaces, stay filled in…. As in some blogs.

    Well, we will seeeee…..

    😊 💛 😊


    • I’m afraid I can’t see a way to change the way people can leave comments. I’ve been told this before and it’s very frustrating. When I have time, I’ll get onto the live-chat system on WordPress and ask the questions. We also raise funds for local and national charities at the gym – and have won awards for being the best ‘community gym’. I love it (i.e. the peripheral stuff – I’m not that keen on the exercise part – LOL).


  2. PS Although the new duvets I have just bought (single ones on a double bed) are only 10.5 tog, they are very warm indeed, I dread to think how hot winter-weight ones would be! Hope you prefer your news ones to the old ones, I love ours.
    Margaret P


    • We love it, Margaret. I’ve always had a 10.5 and a 4.5. This gives us three warmth choices, using the two combined in the coldest weather. Perfect!


  3. Oreo is gorgeous! We’ve always had cats (until the last decade, I mean) and they are just lovely pets, and this one is even more adorable than most! Oreo is a wonderful name for him!
    Love your new amber glass bowl, too!
    Margaret P


    • My daughter had a little black kitten, Milly, for her 10th birthday. She was left with us when Daughter went off to uni. She was lovely to look at but not terribly cuddly. Oreo is, at the moment, very cuddly! Charity shops are a great source of this type of glassware, and it’s very affordable.


  4. Cute kitten and I’m sure your grand-daughter was over the moon when he/she arrived. My daughter got a rescue cat last weekend and his name is Gorki. He was found living rough in someone’s garden with other cats. He seems to be settling in, but their long-term cat seems to be having difficulty accepting him, although progress seems to be happening. Fingers crossed.

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    • I hope that your daughter’s cats settle. The older cat and the new kitten have hissed a few times but are generally keeping out f each other’s way.


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