If I was a …

In wondering what to write about I sometimes think that how, if I was a celebrity, I could regale my blog readers with tales of red carpet events, fabulously exotic travel, juicy gossip about who’s dating who.  If I was a chef holding Michelin stars , I’d post photographs of  my beautiful works of culinary art and drop in the names of my famous clientele. In my blog as an artist or successful novelist, I’d allow you a sneaky peek of my forthcoming masterpiece.

But I am non of these things. I just live an ordinary life and often have little more to write about than my weekly routine – get my hair done, go to the gym, drink coffee, bake cakes and so on, but for some reason I still mange to retain a loyal following of readers. With my daily blog viewing figures attracting anything from 64 to 1038 visitors in the past month, I can only assume that everyone else is as interested in the minutiae of others lives as I am!

After my ‘decadent’ afternoon, the week reverted to normal. Friday meant the gym, coffee with my fellow exercisers (more time spent in post-workout jaw-exercise than the regular kind) and a hair appointment. On arriving at the ‘salon’ otherwise known as Daughter-in-Law’s kitchen I realised that it must have been ‘one of those mornings’ so set to and cleared up the breakfast dishes, filled the kettle and had a cup of coffee waiting as she walked through the door.  I do confess to missing the real salon experience but with local salons charging upwards of £25 for a wash & blow dry there’s no way I’d be able to afford it twice a week.  Once coiffed I did DIL’s ironing; our barter system works well.

2019 Christmas notebookBack home three parcels had been delivered – a toy watering can for the bath (not for my own use I should add!), a dressing gown embroidered with my granddaughter’s name (she’ll love that) and Christmas cards. from Crohn’s & Colitis UK. Last year I ran out and had to buy some from the shop as it was too late to send in another order, so this year I ordered extra. In the afternoon I checked my Christmas card list, adding and deleting as necessary and transferred it to this year’s Christmas note book, pictured.  I then wrote my Christmas food lists with a buying timetable running from 12th to 23rd December. Although I now use Ocado for my main shop, I’m not prepared to trust an online delivery service to ensure that I have all the items on the ‘Fresh list’. Last year there were several reports of customers of all supermarkets not receiving all their items, and who wants to have to rush out on Christmas Eve searching for a pig in a blanket?

I’m currently on a mission to free up freezer space to accommodate the ‘Freezer list’,  so dinner each evening has had to have a least one freezer element to it. Towards the end of a clear out when there are lots of odds and ends, it can call fro a bit of creative thinking but it’s a good time to use up those things that have been there for a while.  Friday night meant wraps filled with chicken with onions, peppers and garlic in a lemon thyme sauce  served with home made giant potato wedges (baking potatoes cut in four lengthways, sprayed with oil, seasoned and baked). Tonight is salmon topped with sweet chilli sauce. Maybe I’ll also remove one of the small apple crumbles I made weeks ago (in the interests of making space, you understand)! We don’t eat many puds; I usually save them for a treat when my brother comes for dinner.

Today has been a free day for us both. It did cross my mind to suggest an outing of some kind, but it’s nice to have a day just pottering. I’ve tidied the office (which, despite being  generally tidy people and my promising myself that I’ll keep it neat, somehow always manages to slide into a state of mild chaos over time).  I’ve also wrapped Christmas presents, sorted out some paperwork and made cakes.

We’ve now watched the whole of Gold Digger and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The key question is whether or not the character Benjamin is genuine.  No spoilers, but if you’re watching, do let me know your thoughts once you’ve seen all the episodes.

And now the weekend is almost over and tomorrow will be Monday – pretty much a repeat of Friday:   hair, gym, coffee and chatter with Slimming World thrown in later. Another week, same stuff but there’s a lot to be said for routine and familiarity…at least in my world.



  1. Hi

    Nice to hear how organised you are. I’m of the same piece of mind, although health reasons mean that I can no longer ‘do’ crowds so my Christmas shopping is done, wrapped up and ready to go. Mind you, I am off on a holiday on 28th and not back until 8 a December and just the thought of coming back without having a thing started, makes me shudder so I’m pleased that in the main, it’s all done.


    • It is a nice feeling to know things are done. I was super organised the year that I was expecting a baby with a due date of 24th December!! Fortunately he was early.


  2. I like familiarity and routine, too, Eloise.I think that it just makes life flow more nicely. I enjoy your blog, and think of you as a friend, and I wonder if this is the success of your blog? Or, one of the elements of your success? I am always surprised when people come up to me on the street and remark about my life, nicely of course, from what they have read on my blog. But then, if I lived near you and we ran into each other, I would be remarking on your blog, too!.


    • Thank you for your very kind comments, Ratnamurti. Blog-friends might be a new concept but their the modern equivalent of pen-friends.

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  3. ‘I’ll keep it neat’ is what I usually say about my kitchen cupboards. It never lasts long.
    Salmon with sweet chili sauce sounds delicious. I’m cooking something similar myself later on this week. X

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    • The cupboards aren’t too bad. I like to have a complete empty and move around every now and then. Husband them complains that he ‘doesn’t know where things go’,


  4. I love to read about other people’s lives…..not because I am particularly nosy….just interested.

    I’m doing exactly the same and using bits up out of the freezer….mostly in the name of tidying it out as I don’t really need to make room for much with it just being three of us at home this year. I’d also like to keep some room free for storing the contents of my sons freezer if they manage to find a house and get moved.

    There is a lot to be said for routine and familiarity….it’s my comfort zone.



    • Mone too Sheila. I have several sets of visitors over Christmas this year so like to get the food organised.


  5. You do sound organised. I make it a rule not to start any Christmas shopping etc until 1St of December. This goes back to the days when I had to wait for my last salary payment before Christmas. I still won’t start any organising until 1/12. Although I do think about it before hand.

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