An afternoon of decadence

OK, don’t get too excited -there’s decadence and there’s DECADENCE. Ours was the ‘lower case’ kind  – very low key but something that we never normally do. It wasn’t planned.

Husband picked me up from work at 2pm (he takes and fetches me because the parking is dire and if I do get a space, it can take an age to track down the person who has blocked me in). We were planning to go to The Red Lion in Alvechurch, a sizeable village in northeast Worcestershire and in the valley of the River Arrow. It’s about eight miles from us, has rustic decor which I like and, importantly, offers a decent lunch menu. On the way we hit the flooding. The roads were passable but a worry; it was only going to get worse and having heard on the news that 30 roads had already been closed within the county, we decided to turn around and go home.

We made a pile of cheese on toast topped with tomato, onion and Worcestershire sauce, turned up the heating and settled down to watch TV. Daytime television is the something we never do.  We decided to watch an episode of of  new drama Gold Digger. We had watched the first on Tuesday and found that they were showing the whole series on BBC iplayer, so decided to watch part 2. Then we watched parts 3 and 4!   “This feels very decadent,” I said. Husband agreed. And that was it – our rebellious lower-case version of decadence. It doesn’t stretch the boundaries, does it?




  1. I love the sound of your kind of decadence! I rarely watch tv or read in the afternoons; I always think it’s a bit ‘naughty’! If I’m a under the weather, there is nothing more enjoyable than lying on the sofa and watching relaxing programmes.


  2. How tasty that looks! I actually love to sit down in the afternoon (mainly in autumn/winter) and watch a bit of TV. It’s usually Escape to the Country but do remember that next Monday a new series of The Repair Shop is starting but instead of at 7pm it’s been moved to 4.30pm – 5.15pm. We love this programme, one of the best on TV in our opinion. Years ago, we used to watch repeats of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple with Joan Hickson as Miss Marple (the only Miss Marple in our opinion!)
    Margaret P


    • It’s just that we never seem to have time to ‘chill out’ in the afternoons. Evenings are pretty last though! I’ve watched Escape to the country on catch up TV and on re-runs occasionally. Husband likes to watch ‘Bargain Hunt’ when having his lunch whilst I’m at work. Joan Hickson was exactly as Agatha Christie wrote the character; Margaret Rutherford (though I liked her) was an abomination in the role of Miss Marple!


  3. These ‘surprise moments’ are the best – sometimes much better than any planned event.

    I will occasionally say to The Golfer ‘it doesn’t take much to please me’……these little surprise moments definitely do so 😊

    I must try cheese on toast with tomato & onion sometime. It’s definitely not a combination I’ve had before.


  4. Looks quite delightful, to me!!!!!!

    And sounds delightful too. So nice to have those little fun moments! Even later in life. -smile- Perhaps even more so, later in life.

    Thank you for commenting in my blog…

    Oh Dear, you have boxes, to fill in, in order to comment. Which means, perhaps I will have to do this, every time I want to comment. -sigh- Well, I’ll do it, and see what happens, when I go to an older post here.



    • I think the boxes must be a feature of WordPress as I haven’t added anything. Sometimes you can select an option to keep your details for next time, but I’m not sure. Thanks for commenting


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