The Good, the Bad and the Pugly

A few weekend witterings.


The Good: Granddaughter asked if she could come and make a cake with me. She needed a little less help this time, though now she is showing increasing interest in cake-making (in truth I think it is more an interest in cake-eating) I need to convert my basic cake recipe into metric measurements for her. She chose to make a lemon cake and here it is – decoration chosen exclusively by her. She loves hugs and cuddles so a couple of hours in her company is just up my street.

The Bad: Daughter-in-law’s car, which was parked outside the house, was hit by a fire engine which was reversing up the road. This is a wide road with ample room for two vehicles to pass even when there are cars parked along one side. A lady fire-officer got out, looked at the not inconsiderable damage (and the red & yellow paint that now ‘decorates’ the white car) , got back in the engine and the male in the driving seat shrugged and drove off!   Fortunately this was seen by two independent witnesses. To cut a roundabout-story short, the fire service say that there is no record in the engine’s log book. Although the y agree that the vehicle was in the area that evening) despite there being witnesses, one of whom thankfully took down the fire engine’s registration number. Daughter-in-law has therefore reported it to the police. I’m sure it will be sorted out but meanwhile she has £400 to find to pay the insurance excess and will be out of pocket whilst the car is being repaired as she is a mobile hairstylist. Hopefully she will be able to claim for loss of earnings too.

And the Pugly: no, it wasn’t a mistake in the post’s title! It’s what I call Daughter-in-Law’s dog!  Just showing you a picture that makes me smile. Both Star, the dog and Stevie G, the cat has it’s own bed but they are often found snuggled up together.

thumbnail (2)


  1. Do a mail drop round your neighbours (quickly in case stuff gets wiped after x number of days). You’d be surprised how many have doorbell CCTV these days. Same thing happened to my neighbour (Asda delivery van) and out of 15 houses in the immediate vicinity, 6 had CCTV doorbells, 4 of which had recorded the whole incident!


    • Forgot to say, also check if any parked vehicles had dashcams on. Some dashcams operate even when vehicle is switched off, parking mode I think it’s called. And no pun intended, but ‘fire engine red’ whilst not called that, is actually a very specific paint. If they try to claim not them guv, tell them you’re taking paint samples from the damaged car and getting it analysed at chemistry department at local university. Fire engine paint is not usually found on any other commercial vehicles.


    • Thanks for the advice, Savannah. DIL has spoken to several neighbours. I will get an update when I see her on Friday. The fire officer said the investigation will take a few days and then he will come back to her.


    • The fire officer in charge has visited Daughter in law, taken notes and photos and is investigating so we hope all will be ok, but yes, it was a very bad way to act. I’m not a pug fan but she’s not bad, and I’m fond of the cat


  2. The cake looks delicious; compliments to the chef. How lovely that your granddaughter enjoys your company so much. I’m shocked by the fire engine episode. I would have expected better.Gorgeous photo of the dog and cat but I must confess that although I adore dogs, I’m not a pug fan. Sorry! My sister, on the other hand, adores them. I guess I’m more of a big dog person!
    I do hope this comment reaches you, as I have had difficulty in posting them recently. I have no idea why.


  3. Didn’t your grand daughter do well with her cake it certainly looks lovely. I can’t believe that the fire service have reacted to this so badly doesn’t put them in a very good light does it. That is such a gorgeous photograph of Pugsley too.



    • Hi Mitzi, the senior fire officer visited DIL this morning so hopefully things will get sorted out, but still infuriating. Granddaughter has informed me that she might come again to make cake another day (in a doing me a favour kind of voice)!


  4. Well….I am absolutely flabbergasted. I ‘m so glad that someone got the registration number for your Daughter in Law and I hope that driver gets hauled over the coals for his bad decision to drive off.

    The cake looks beautiful….what a clever girl.

    What a lovely photo of the cat and dog. They look so cute.



  5. Your granddaughter shares your talent for making cakes! Very nicely decorated, too, I think.

    Sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law’s car! How very irresponsible of the driver of that fire engine to drive off like that! Probably didn’t want it on his record, but, still! I’m glad there were witnesses and one of them was able to get the registration number.

    Cute picture of the cat and dog cuddled up, together. 🙂


    • Last time she made one she wanted to decorate it with everything I had, but explained the concept of ‘less is more’. I think she’s taken it on board very well. Mind you, I had to promise that she can use some of the other bits and pieces next time!


    • Thank you Margaret. Yes, we are amazed too, staggered in fact! I love cake making so I’m glad that granddaughter wants to come and make them; saves me eating them!


  6. Granddaughter’s cake looks lovely.

    I never would have believed emergency services personnel could act so callously, when by the very nature of their jobs they’re caring people. Good job there were witnesses who took down the reg. no.

    Lovely to see animals snuggled up together.


    • Emergency Services (and they weren’t on an emeregency call-out at the time) I know, it’s unbelievable! Granddaughter was very proud but I doubt there is any of that lovely cake left now! Mum, Dad and big sister were all eyeing up when I dropped her back home.


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