What a week!

I received a text from my bank telling me that I was overdrawn. I knew that I wasn’t. I checked my statement and there were three transactions made to a company that I’ve never heard of. I rang the bank immediately. It transpired that the debits related to an online casino company. Outrageous! I’ve played the odd game of pontoon for pennies and bought the occasional lottery ticket over the years; I’ve even played the one arm bandits in a seaside arcade from time to time, but I’d never even considered an online casino.

Banks get pretty bad press and I’ve been known to complain loudly (metaphorically speaking) about their lack of customer consideration in doing away with tellers in favour of machines, but credit (excuse the pun) where it’s due, they were excellent. Within 24 hours my account was refunded and the associated bank charges written off, and in less than 48 hours I’d received a new bank card and the paperwork from the bank which confirmed the conversation we’d had. I just need to check it through, sign and return it. I have no idea how this has happened. I never let my card out of my sight and no-one, even Husband, is aware of my PIN. The worst part of this Is the feeling of invaded privacy and vulnerability.

Then some lowlife keyed my car. 😡

Things did get better. At work I was touched to receive a letter from an ex-colleague thanking me for the support and guidance I’d given. I was doing my job but it’s always nice to feel appreciated.

imageA very late birthday celebration saw me with a friend taking afternoon tea at the Constance Wallace Tea Room in nearby Barnt Green. Fabulous service, attentive but not intrusive and good food – they could certainly show others how to do it.  The revival of the afternoon tea tradition a few years ago saw every man and his dog thinking it a way to make easy money. Not if it’s done properly! I had to bring three cakes home for Husband because I was too full to eat them. I’m annoyed that I forgot to take my iPad so that I could take pictures. I hope they won’t mind me borrowing this one.

Yesterday I saw younger son and family, today elder son and family, and tomorrow daughter and hers will visit. The week ends on the best note ❤️





  1. Oooh a tea room in Brum I’ve not heard of. Apols to Barnt Green if necessary, I can never remember if it’s Brum or not, like Sutton Coldfield, a bit not keen on being included in Brummagen lol. Will look that place up and pay a visit. Thank you!


    • A Birmingham post code but classed by the inhabitants as Worcestershire, I think! Definitely worth a visit, Savannah.


  2. Goodness! This is appalling. Glad everyone got their money back. I shall investigate the magnet thingeys, but so far in New Zealand we don’t hear of this sort of thing very often.


  3. I’m sick to death of all these scumbags stealing from hardworking people. All the scams and tricks they use just make me so angry. It certainly pays to be a criminal these days.
    I’m glad your bank got it all sorted for you.


  4. Hi Elie

    First time of posting for me. I found you via Margaret at Devon Dreaming. I’ve read from the beginning and am now all up to date.

    I can thoroughly recommend RFID cards which you place in your purse either side of your bank/ credit cards and they create a magnetic field that prevents scammers from obtaining your details. They don’t need to put devices on cash points anymore. They have a mobile device and just need to stand near you for a little while and the scammers downloads your details.

    Mother in law was caught once at Waitrose in Cambridge to tune of just under £4,000. I bought her RFID cards from QVC and sent them to her. She forgot to put them in her purse and the same thing happened in the same place 2 years later. The supermarket is the only place she goes so it didn’t take poirot to work it out.

    The bank on both occasinos were brilliant with her but it was scary for nevertheless. The cards are in her purse now.

    Loving your posts btw. Thanks for sharing your tips and lifestyle with us.

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    • Oh my goodness – that’s 2.5 years worth of reading! Thank you for your kind comments on my witterings, and for sticking with it. I met Margaret through her blog and we’ve even met up a couple of times when I’ve been in Devon. My husband has said that we must get RFID holders. Technology is marvellous but in the wrong hands, dangerous too. Heavens – £4,000! At least mine was a lot less than that. Look forward to hearing from you again.


  5. Similar happened to me – card being used for transactions like Domino’s pizza, Netflix etc ( it did conjure up a stereotype……….). Bank were brilliant – refunded everything and new card within 48 hours – job done. I reckoned it had been cloned or one of those magnetic readers used.

    I got over the feeling of violation / having being “targeted” by a good stiff talk to myself when realising that it wasn’t aimed at me “personally” – they have no idea who I am. That took the threat out of it.


    • I’ve been telling myself that it wasn’t personal too. As you say, it removes the threat. It seems that the banks actually do a good job in this situation and that’s nice to hear.


  6. I’ve had a very similar experience. Bank rang to ask me where I was. Answer in my kitchen!. My credit card was being used in the southern US. Nope it was in my handbag. It had been cloned and sold on. What added to the insult was it was shopping at WalMart. I mean that card has a very high limit (not bragging) and they could have used it in much nicer shops!

    The bank cancelled everything and got me a new card the next day.

    You do feel violated.


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