The last of the green tomatoes

There will still quite a few green tomatoes left even after I’d made chutney and the tomato flans. A couple of readers suggested a green tomato loaf. I had come across the idea when looking for recipes but dismissed it. I make carrot cake but felt that the tomatoes wouldn’t be sweet enough for cake. Then I read that it goes well with a bit of Cheddar and changed my thinking from sweet cake to savoury which seemed to make more sense. I chose a recipe but tweaked it, leaving out the sugar and making up the volume with some chopped nuts and a bit of garlic. Then I realised that the remaining green tomatoes weighed only 300g instead of the required 400g, so I diced a small onion and some yellow pepper. By now it was quite removed from the original recipe but I used the 170g flour (I decided on wholemeal) and the two eggs that the recipe required.

Well, I thought it tasted great, especially with the aforementioned Cheddar.  It had a cake texture but a bread-like taste; a savoury cake, though it had firmed up a bit by the second day. Husband didn’t like it and that didn’t surprise me – not his kind of thing at all. After we’d tried it I sliced up the rest and froze it.  And that’s it … no more green tomatoes. I shall have a piece this evening (after the SW weigh-in) with some of the parsnip and apple soup that I froze last week. There’s never been a problem with non ripening before this year, but I won’t mind if we find ourselves with some next year.

I’m now setting myself the challenge of freeing up some space in the freezer so that I can start squirreling away some bits and pieces towards Christmas, so it’s time to call a halt to any kind of bulk cooking. That’s something I always find hard.

The green tomato bread/cake









  1. I think both husnand and I would’ve enjoyed that tomato bread, Eloise. I like savoury things like that, especially as it had nuts and onions in it and to have it with cheese, well that’s the icing on the cake, ha ha!
    Margaret P


    • Sorry for the late response to your message. I’ve had problems opening responses even though I could see them pending. I wasn’t unlike a nut loaf (though not very nutty)!


  2. Green tomato bread! Now, that is something new to me! I’ve made zucchini bread (which is quite sweet), apple bread, and carrot cake; I think I might try green tomato bread, one day!


    • We struggle with rhubarb and yet some people grow masses of it. And as for spring onions …..we can sow loads of seeds and get barely enough for a salad!


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