Pretty food and a poem

On the left is my kind of food; on the right is Husband’s kind though we do sometimes meet close to the middle. He will eat pretty much everything (unlike me who is a very fussy eater) and is generally uncomplaining about what he’s given. However, there are times when I serve up something which is more ‘my kind’ and his answer to my question, “Is it ok?” is met with a somewhat less than enthusiastic response.

Husband wrote this poem some years ago. For the most part, I disagree.

I never could quite understand
The need for pretty food
You know the sort I mean.
With every dish a work of art
Each morsel an integral part
Of a culinary scene

I never have quite fathomed
The drive for such display
It just seems daft to me.
It’s really such a pointless show
This pandering to food nouveau
And all so OTT

I much prefer the kind of grub
That’s asking to be scoffed
You know the sort I mean.
Mashed potatoes piled high
A great big steak and kidney pie
With peas and runner beans

And afterwards some treacle sponge
Well drenched with custard thick
That really looks the part.
The problem with the nouveau stuff
Is having nowhere near enough
Nor knowing where to start

(Poets for Dinner, Ed. Katie Pateman)




  1. I love that poem! If I had to choose between those two plates of food you’ve shown, I’m afraid I’d pick the one on the right, with the sausages! I don’t like cheese, I don’t like raw tomatoes, I don’t like raw onions, and while I can’t quite make out what the yellow bits are on the plate of salad, if they are bell peppers, I don’t like them, either! As a result, my salads tend to be boring – lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and maybe some fruit!


    • Haha, I love onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheese. Cheese is my downfall. Husband likes his traditional meals, but I’m not really a fan. I do like gravy but not mashed potato


  2. I think I’m a bit in the middle too. I like the idea of sausages but in actuality they’re not particularly nice and if eating meat with mash prefer a casserole, although in the winter a steak pie is a dish I relish – yum. I can’t eat too much raw food (just doesn’t agree with me but it’s vegetarian fare 5 days out of 7 Iand love something like roast veg and couscous or cauliflower curry and brown rice. And both me and Mr F feel the same way about puds as we love custard!


    • I eat some much salad and other veg that I really should be thin. The problem is I love carbs and chocolate. I like crumbles and custard but would choose something like cheesecake in preference.

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  3. Oh, I love the poem! What a clever chap your husband is! I’m on the fence here, as it’s horses for courses (no pun intended ha ha!) isn’t it? Sometimes I want exactly what your husband wants – mash and sausages and gravy and sometimes I want a ‘pretty’ plate of salad, but even I would add new potatoes to the salad you have shown. I don’t think I’m a fussy eater but I draw the line at some things which were commonplace when I was a child, such as tripe. Never tried it so I shouldn’t knock it, but really, just the look of the lining of a cow’s stomach is enough to make me heave. And believe it or not, I’ve never tired oysters. But for the most part I enjoy most foods, although we have cut out most red meat now simply because we no longer enjoy it. But that poem is great!
    Margaret P


    • I’ve never tried tripe or oysters either, and have no intention of doing so. I do like a variety of meals and do also like sausgae and mash occasionally, though for me it’s Linda McCartney red onion sausages and mash that I’ve made myself – no butter or milk, just a tiny bit of stock to loosen the mixture (though I’d be more likely to have boiled potatoes), but for the most part – I am more in favour of the very foods that my husband only tolerates. I do love a bit of pastry but whilst Husband’s would be filled with steak and kidney, mine would more likely be stuffed with some kind of cheese filling.


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