A big box of apples

Husband gathered up the final apples from the garden so I set to work:

Apple cumbles


Apple & mincemeat crumble: two crumbles now in the freezer. I prefer eating apples for crumbles and pies as I find that the cooking variety go very soft and I prefer the apple to retain a bit of bite.


Apples & amaretto



Sliced apples stewed in amaretto: four portions (lovely with ice cream) also in the freezer.


Blueberry & apple muffins


Apple and blueberry muffins: Two dozen. Funny how the blueberries sank in one batch but not in the other!




Parsnip, potato and apple soup: a bowl for me this evening and the rest now in freezer.




Baked Apple with sultanas and maple syrup: ok, the truth…I thought I was squeezing honey but it turned out to be maple syrup left behind by my daughter when she moved out!  Served with ice cream, Husband said it tasted great.

Apple porridge



Chopped apple and sultanas with my porridge. I prefer the raw apple added after the porridge is made than for it to be cooked.


Just enough left to make parsnip & apple mash for tomorrow evening. I can’t stand mashed potato, but I love this as a substitute ato go with Linda McCartney red onion sausages.

Now he’s just come in with a big bowl of green tomatoes! A woman’s work and all that …..



  1. I love the sound of apple and mincemeat crumble and I will definitely be adding chopped apple and sultanas to my porridge. It will make a delicious change from my usual banana and raisins!


  2. Oh you are a wonder woman in the kitchen Eloise, I do hardly any baking these days and we have a tiny freezer so I don’t do any cooking in advance. But I do freeze half a stew or something similar and that would go in the freezer. And as an aside I can’t say I really enjoy cooking. I see it is as a necessary thing that has to be done I therefore doff my cap and curtsey to you :))


    • Haha Penny, please don’t! I don’t spend time in the kitchen to be virtuous, I just find it relaxing and I love tweaking recipes and experimenting

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  3. Wow! Lovely simple but very tasty apple dishes, I especially like the sound of apples in amoretto! You could add the toffee apple cake to this, too! And Eve’s pudding (which I love).
    Margaret P


    • The toffee apple cake is on my list to make, as is an apple streusel cake. The latter recipe was in the Saturday supplement last week. The apples in amaretto are delicious!


  4. You’ve been cooking up a storm and it all looks delicious. We’ve had apple and blackberry crumble this week.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with your tomatoes now. X


  5. Looks like you’ve made good use of the box of apples! I’ve never had parsnip, potato, and apple soup! It sounds very intriguing! Looking forward to seeing what you’ll make with the green tomatoes!


  6. So many creative things to cook with apples. The parsnip and apple mash sounds unusual but good – not a combination I would have thought of, but I can see how they might complement each other. I will have to give it a try 🙂


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