Autumn – “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” (J Keats)


October is my favourite month because I like:

  • the unique slightly damp, loamy smell in the air on an October morning
  • leaves in shades of saffron, russet and bronze
  • crisp, fresh air replacing the humidity of summer
  • the late afternoon golden glow cast by the autumn sun
  • winter clothes and layering
  • thick, black tights
  • boots
  • woolly scarves and leather gloves
  • nail polish in rich colours
  • no more painting toes for a while
  • hot chocolate
  • casseroles and warming soups
  • cosy evenings spent by the fire
  • new dramas on TV
  • a hot water bottle

And I like it when October’s loveliness overflows into November before it gets too cold





  1. Lovely list. The mornings and evenings are getting cooler (low 60s), now. Today’s daytime high was 75F; tomorrow is supposed to be 86F. 🙂


    • It’s been a nice weekend but is raining now. I think the best of the trees are yet to come. we don’t have a lot of change here yet


  2. I think autumn is my favourite season and you make it sound delicious! We are heading into spring here in New Zealand, so I have to remind myself to enjoy that season as well.


    • I look forward to each season except for winter. I hate the freezing cold, high winds, rain, ice and snow!


  3. Oh, I love all those things, too, Eloise! Especially the hot water bottle and hot chocolate and late afternoon sun. I would add the wonderful sunrises we sometimes have in October and November, brilliant red skies going into orange and pink and even purple. Also conkers, they have such wonderfully polished surfaces without having to get out the Pledge to get them like that! And for me (being retired) stopping in bed later in the morning when the rain is pelting down, having breakfast in bed even if only a brioche or croissant and delicious apricot jam. Not spotted any good drama series yet. Wonder if Last Tango in Halifax will return?


    • Yes, all those things too, Margaret. I Lethe gentle slide into Autumn. I sat in my office today with sun streaming through the window. There was a shower later but we’ll forget about that bit! I loved Last Tango in Halifax. I’m looking forward to ‘Dublin murders’ based on Tana French’s book ‘In the woods’. Hope they also do ‘The Likeness’ which is the follow up.


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