Where did they go?

imageBare Minerals have let me down…AGAIN! They’ve discontinued the foundation I’ve been using – Bare Skin. The replacement product is far too thick. Thank goodnes I asked for a sample and didn’t just hand over the cash. I did find some online companies that were selling it off at a lower price but in a limited colour range; you might know mine wasn’t among them! I managed to get a Bare Skin from Look Fantatsic – same price as it would have been in the shops – but at least I’ll be ok for the next year. There’s no point buying an extra one as some foundations  have a tendency to separate over time.

First for Bare Minerals it was my much loved  ‘Raise the Bar lipstick’. I went to buy one and was told that it was being discontinued so I bought up the remaining stock – all three of them.  Now I’m down almost to the end of the second one, currently scraping it out with a lip brush.  Then they stopped ‘The Love Affair’ eye shadow palette. I managed to find one on an internet site and now that is about half used, I recently sourced another after a trawl of numerous sites.

LuminizerAnd before that it was the pearlised highlighter that I like. I have one in reserve so again I’m ok for the time being. But what a slog trying to find these products!



The Healthy Hair Company changed its name to Happy Naturals and halved the range of shampoos and conditioners and has ceased to be available in either Ginger or Rosemary,  the two versions I liked best. It is no longer available on Amazon where I was buying it for ages, though I have tracked a limited range in Sainsburys. The fact that it is being sold for £2.50 a bottle instead of £5 indicates that it might be at risk of disappearing altogether. I hope not – finding products that don’t contain parabens, SLSs or petrochemicals at a reasonable price is not easy.

And don’t get me started on nail polishes – Biosculpture no. 2018, OPI Die another Day (my favourite ever polish), Nina Rosewood – all gone. Somehow the replacements never quite match up.

Estee Lauder‘s Private Collection perfume was one that ceased to be, and similarly Coraindre by Jean Couturier. A version is available but it’s not a patch on the original. . Giorgio Beverley Hills – a long time favourite Eau de toilette – is now being sold for less than it cost me 27 years ago when I started using it so I reckon that could be on its way out too. There are so many perfumes that are now just a fond memory.

I deliberately decided that this post was not going to focus on food items  but if anyone knows where I can but ‘Cafe Noir’ biscuits, do please tell!





  1. I gave up on Clinique a few years ago as I was fed up of the constant changing of products. Switched to Estee Lauder instead and love both the fact that they seem to realise that consumers like constancy in their products. I did absolutely love their primer but have to admit, I’ve now switched to the Avon Magic one, £11 as opposed to £27 but at the moment on offer at £5.50. It is absolutely the best primer I’ve ever used, I swear it’s a match for the EL one.


  2. This seems a common occurrence over the world. My mum and I are used to buying footwear which is comfortable in all colours before it disappears altogether. I wonder why this happens?!


  3. I am so on the same page as you Eloise! I really hate when a much loved product changes or is discontinued. A recent experience was a set of Clarins eyeshadows. I’d bought 3 one of which I used a lot, so when I went replace it, no, not possible, it had been discontinued. So I bought the ‘new’ eyeshadow and it was dreadful. Why do they do it?????? I expect they’d say it’s because the new product is better. But it’ll all be down to young marketing types pitching at meetings – meetings that, of course, we, the customer, can’t attend!!!!!


    • In my experience the ‘new, improved’ versions are rarely so! It’s so frustrating. I find that the ebay shops are useful for discontinued products, but so even they run out 🙁

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      • Yes, I’ve just Googles cafe Noir. They are now made by McVitie’s. Not sure whether they’ve always made them. I remember a time when they were in at least two kinds of coffee, light and dark. They now come in a bag and on each occasion I bought them (I used to get them in Waitrose) they were all broken up, so much so that I wrote to the company, but all they did was to apologise and send me a couple of tokens (about £4 worth) to buy some more! It didn’t address the issue, that biscuits in a bag, all flopping around, would surely become smashed up. They weren’t in a tightly wrapped carton in a box, such as Carr’s cheese biscuits. I love Cafe Noir biscuits, too, and if you get them and they’re not all broken into bits … well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs, as my Dad used to say!


      • Haha. I’ve heard of the saying but never actually heard anyone mention the foot of their stairs! Our local Sainsbury doesn’t have the Cafe Noir. (Disappointed face)!


  4. My goodness, I can empathise with your frustrations over discontinued make up! I don’t wear a lot but always wear lipstick, but have rather sensitive lips. For many years, I happily wore Clinique ‘Pink Chocolate’ which often drew compliments. Last year it was discontinued and I have tried without success to find a replacement, and have spent quite a bit trying what appeared to be similarly shades, and often finding I react to them. I am now down to the dregs of my last Pink Chocolate which I am using to try to find a good colour match. I feel very let down!


    • Oh no! Try the ebay shops. I’ve found the odd discontinued make up item on there. I feel your pain when you say that certain shades seem to be right, but I find that even though they can look similar in the tube, they change when they’re on.


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