Friday catch up

Last Monday I weighed in at SW with. 1.5lb loss. As I’m hoping for the same this week (or, to be honest, a little more….or perhaps I should be even more honest and say ‘a lot more’ but let’s be realistic here) I resisted the cakes on offer at the Macmillan coffee morning at the gym.  We were out to lunch with friends. Husband and both friends chose haddock and chips so I had to be strong again; I ordered salmon salad. My determination suffered a wobble back at the friends’ house when I ate two Thorntons chocolates.

Husband had noticed some damage to a tyre when we were going out so afterwards we went to get a new one. I need to tax it this weekend and the insurance is due soon. It never ends, does it?

It’s been a difficult week at work. The life of a HR Advisor can be an unpredictable one, and it certainly was – employee issues, payroll problems and endless frustrations. I worked late on two of my three days and still had to leave several things undone. I like to go into each week having cleared everything the week before but it was not to be. I went for a back massage yesterday after I left work – guaranteed to loosen up the tense shoulder muscles. I’d happily have one very week if it was affordable!

On Wednesday afternoon I went for an ultrasound scan on my foot. It’s still not right after the break in April. I’m seeing the consultant next week to discuss the results. At least it’s not swelling up to the same degree it did earlier.

Tomorrow I’m off to elder son’s for a late breakfast, taking with me birthday presents for youngest grandson who is about to be three, and his birthday cake. After the Batman disaster, I decided that I would no longer make birthday cakes (decorating is NOT my forte) so, at Grandson’s request, I bought a football cake.  It was rather plain so I got some football decorations (just need to add some candles) and now it looks like this:





  1. I’m a bit late in commenting on this post but I do love your creativity with the cake! My two sons would have loved it! A long time favourite of theirs was good old Colin the Caterpillar from M & S.


  2. A busy (and expensive week!) but what a great cake! Hope the little one loves it, I know if I were a little boy of three I’d love it!
    Well do on the weight loss, but don’t deny yourself the occasional chocolate – life’s short enough without going without chocolate!
    Margaret P


  3. Chuckle at the cake. Gorgeous. As a non-cook, mysteriously I was able to make children’s birthday cakes, for my kids, when I was young, many, many years ago. Hedehog, Princess, train, these are the ones that I remember.


    • I always made them for my children, even a desktop computer one (no laptops or iPads back then)! Don’t know why I was struggling with grandchildren ones.


  4. Congratulations on the weight loss and being strong when it came to resisting the tempting goodies! I’m sorry work was so hard this week. Hopefully, it will be better, next week. Hope the ultrasound reveals what might be happening with the foot. Maybe these things take longer to heal than we think. The cake looks great with all the decorations you added. I’m sure your grandson will be thrilled. Happy birthday to him!


  5. I didn’t manage to resist the cakes at our Macmillan coffee morning! Oh well, I told myself it’s all for a good cause.
    I’m sorry you’re still having problems with your foot. Hopefully the ultrasound will show something that can be easily treated and you won’t have to suffer for much longer.
    The football cake is fab! Your grandson will love it. X


  6. Congratulations on the loss and my fingers are firmly crossed for a few days’ time. I thing the avoided cake is even better because of the frustrating week so another well done for that. It’s not always so easy, is it?


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