A Golden Celebration

imageSlimming World is 50 years old and we had a party.  Though we like to call them parties, such events are really intended as taster sessions where we each take SW-friendly dishes, exchange ideas and share recipes. Here are my offerings for this evening’s party:

Fruit skewers (threaded onto Mikado biscuits) 0.5 syns each


Trifle (Slimming World friendly of course) 5 syns for the whole dish. In the spirit of the golden celebration, I bought some edible gold dust from Lakeland to sprinkle on top. I’m a tad disappointed that it looks more biscuit-coloured than gold. There are probably better ones  but the pot will last for ages so I’m stuck with it!


As we paid tonight and our membership cards were swiped, we were in with a chance of an instant win – £50 worth of shopping vouchers.  There were also some new Hi-fi bars (high fibre) available – Black Forest flavour. They are delicious. Apparently some of the boxes also contain shopping vouchers. So far as I’m aware, no-one in our group won, but there’s a second session running as I type.

In 1997 Slimming World launched their charitable foundation which has since raised more than £11 million pounds for charities such as The British Heart Foundation and is currently supporting Cancer Research UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Irish Cancer Society.



    • I enjoy the parties but I know some members who don’t sta my on part nights and are annoyed because they say they pay their fee for image therapy but don’t rece.i e any.


  1. Lol my children wouldn’t eat trifle unless it had jelly in it. And didn’t like sponge in the bottom either!

    So ‘trifle’ making in our house was spread over a couple of days. Tinned fruit in jelly set overnight- custard made cooled to almost cold then poured over jelly and left to set.

    Do you remember the cream that came in a thing like an aerosol spray can – well it had to have that on the top. In large whirls over the top of the custard.

    The things we did for our children eh!!


    • I guess we all have our preferred version. My children also liked ‘squirty’ cream as my mother would buy it. When I was a child we has tinned, sterilised cream. Not had that for years!


  2. The trifle looks so good, and I’m sure it is; however … (there’s always a “however” or a “but”, ha ha!) … in a real trifle there isn’t any jelly. Mind you, I like trifle with our without jelly. I make trifle with madeleines or trifle sponges, which I split and sandwich together with raspberry jam, then I add some port (never sherry), and then I add fruit such as raspberries, no jelly, and then I add custard (always properly made, not from a tin or carton), and finally whipped whipping cream. But I will try the yoghurt on top, the banana and custard ones sound rather nice. Well done this great organization for reaching 50!


    • I prefer trifle without jelly. Husband makes a gorgeous Mary Berry pear one at Christmas each year. It’s the best! He uses trifle sponges and raspberry jam, and amaretto instead of sherry. Honestly Margaret, stick with the real thing instead of the yogurt one. It’s a reasonable substitute but nowhere near as good!


    • You’re welcome. It tastes ok, but it’s not as good as ‘real’ rifle with sponge in the base and cream on top! Raspberries in one sachet of sugar-free jelly. Leave to set. Make up an orange or lemon jelly with two Muller light banana and custard yogurts and pour on top. Spread with O% fat Greek yogurt.

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