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It seems that I was not the only person to find Haworth such an interesting place. Thank you for all the positive comments.

imageIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may recall a post where I talked about discontinued chocolate bars, and then about Cadbury’s Husky – a cheese filled wafer.  It was a departure from their usual chocolatey offerings but no- one that I ever mentioned it to remembered it, and a comprehensive Internet search, I could find no reference to it. I emailed Cadbury’s but got no reply. The other day I tried again, this time using their online query form and a lady called Kirsten got in touch. Here’s what she said:

‘I checked with the brand team and I can confirm that we did indeed make the Husky bar. I have attached a photo of the packaging for your reference’.

Hooray! I wasn’t dreaming. Oh, it tasted just wonderful. If only they’d relaunch it! Just look at the price – 3p!

ZIt was back to work on Tuesday which is something I never want to do, but I’m always ok once I get there. There’s no-one else to do my work so it always takes a while to catch up. It seemed that everyone I needed to speak to in order to tie up an issue was out for one reason or another, so it was a bit frustrating but I was able to relax afterwards as it was manicure day. I chose an old favourite – OPI Miami Beet, a sort of beetroot juice colour.

I asked Husband to pick a few runner beans yesterday, but he came in and said that he couldn’t get to them. Apparently this was blocking his way. As much as I dislike indoor spiders, I find webs fascinating and agree that it would have been a real shame to spoil it. It was strung across the entrance to our little vegetable plot. We had frozen peas instead!

Spider web

There are currently a couple of excellent police dramas on TV. The Confession is a true story and actor Martin Freeman is very good in the lead role. The Capture features Holliday Grainger (who plays Cormorant Strike’s sidekick in one of my favourite series – Strike). The Autumn  season usually offers several new programmes and what could be better on a cold evening than to draw the curtains, snuggle up in one’s dressing gown and settle down to a great drama. Talking of which, possibly my all time favourite drama series was  Downton Abbey, and for me, it was a great loss when it was announced that the last one was the final series. Great news then that a film has been released. Yesterday, Husband picked me up from work and it was straight to the cinema for the matinee. Oh, the costumes (those wonderful dresses), the lavish sets and the marvellous put-down of Maggie Smith’s Violet Crawley, the Dowager Duchess. My two favourite characters, Lady Mary and Tom Branson were as wonderful as ever. I loved it, and even Husband who hasn’t shown a great deal of interest (only watching a few episodes more because he happened to be in the room than by design) enjoyed it. Perhaps the film’s success will encourage Julian Fellows to consider a further series.

Here’s a picture I took recently. No story to go with it but I love this 1930s caravan. I’m sure it would have few of the comforts of its modern day equivalent but doesn’t it look fabulous?


Just wanted to say that I’m sorry I don’t always reply promptly to your post responses. I will always acknowledge them, but it may be a couple of days. I’d like to spend more time blogging but I just don’t have enough of it. I also enjoy reading several blogs, but again don’t always manage to read and respond to as many posts as I’d like. I always seem to be playing catch up.

And that’s about it for now.   I’ve already spend an hour chatting to friends at the gym. Time to do a few household tasks.



  1. Such lovely, retro things. I don’t recall the Husky but it sounds like just the sort of thing I’d have gone for. I’ve missed out, haven’t I?


  2. Love that caravan, not quite Famous Five, but almost! More Mapp & Lucia Go on Holiday than Julian, Dick, George, Anne, and Timmy the dog!
    I couldn’t have disturbed that spider who had made that wonderful web, ether. He or she must’ve worked extremely hard!
    Never heard of a Husky bar and I simply can’t imagine a chocolate bar filled with CHEESE! How cheesy is that, ha ha!
    Not seen The Confession or Capture, neither appeal to me. But Doc Martin is back on Wednesday, bless ‘im!
    We both love The Repair Shop, it’s truly fascinating how those experts mend some really clapped out items, things we would’ve binned years ago! But they have such sentimental value for their owners, especially teddy bears!
    Margaret P


    • No chocolate in a Husky, Margaret – just cheesy filled wafer! A very unusual product for a chocolate company. Funnily enough, I thought ‘Famous Five’ when I saw the caravan.


      • That sounds better … no chocolate! I love wafers and I love cheese, so perhaps a rather nice combination. Mind you, the wrapper doesn’t exactly inspire one, does it? And I wonder where the name comes from? Not the dog, surely?
        But that caravan is something else – I love the Art Deco window ‘sun burst’ panes!


      • I can’t imagine why they called it Husky. Oh, it was delicious, but the wrapper looks very dated now. Yes, the sun burst windows were what attracted me.


  3. So glad you’ve solved the Husky mystery. Now I want one ………………. Sad to see the programme on Cadbury’s last week, Bournville mainly automated now, 2 people working on one shop floor. I know it’s progress but it’s not really what the founders intended. Happy memories from Cadburys, at primary school I can remember sitting watching a film about the factory and then, great joy, opening up the box of goodies that had been sent with the film (although I do seem to recall it was a very big box of goodies and we all only got one choc bar each so I suspect Staff Room had the rest!), as an adult, I used to work in the area and one of our regular lunchtime runs was past the factory, via the towpath and then back through the factory grounds via the public right of way. Depending on which way the wind was blowing you could pick up the chocolate aroma on the air right back to Cotteridge and beyond.


    • I’ve bee to Cadbury World a few times over the years, and unlike some people, who say it is overpowering, I think the aroma is wonderful ! I’ll bet those teachers finished off all that chocolate!


  4. I think that spider webs are beautiful, too. When I was a young child I fervently wished that the faeries would give me a dress made of a spider’s web with drops of early morning dew decorating it. A bit like pearls. To my extreme disappointment, it never happened.


    • What a lovely thought, Ratnamurti. Sorry it didn’t happen. Webs and dew look amazing. I read on Margaret’s blog that you’d moved home. Hope all will be well and that you’ll be very happy there.


    • I think the Husky was rather short lived. I only ever remember eating them in the school dining hall. That sounds interesting re the caravans. My husband really enjoys The Repair Shop currently on TV. No caravans but they restore lots of other interesting items.


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