A mother’s lot

Worry … it’s in the job description. Or it would be if there was one.

Hurricane Dorian was yesterday classified as category 4 with winds up to 150mph. Today’s increasing wind-speed has Sen it upgraded to category 5. It is moving towards Florida and, according to CNN News, is putting the area ‘at risk of devastating conditions’.  I don’t know a lot about hurricanes but gather that even a cat. 4 at this time of year is unusual, so a cat. 5 needs to be taken very seriously.

It is expected that the tropical storm force winds will begin tonight (roughly 5am tomorrow morning British time) The National Hurricane Centre is saying that the expected level of rain (6-12″ but maybe as much as 18″) can trigger life-threatening floods.

Hurricane Dorian is making its way to Florida’s east coast. My daughter is already there.




  1. That really is a big worry – definitely not a storm in a teacup. Hope your daughter finds a safe place to stay


  2. I can imagine how you feel. I only have 3 first cousins and an aunt and uncle in Florida (and all of their families), and I’m worried. I’m a hurricane survivor, though, and I can tell you it’s not as bad as you might dream up being a worried mom. I went through Ike and Harvey. It was a shake up, but we followed precautions and all was well.


  3. Oh, my! I hope your daughter will be safe! Is she in a hotel, somewhere? Does she need to evacuate? I’ve a cousin in Florida; I called and left him a message, but, I think he’s in a mandatory evacuation area.


    • She is in a hotel, Bless. I’ve told her to find somewhere safe to hide when it gets windy! She thinks I am overreacting. I’ve told her…..it’s being a mum!


    • Too true, Jean. And then along come grandchildren and, lovely as they are, just give one more people to worry about!


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