The wrong door

‘We have just ordered a new front door. I wait with bated breath’. 

I posted the above words on my blog of 9th August. I’d related the stories of two friends and they problems they have recently had with ordering carpets and sofas.  I’d love to tell you that all went smoothly with the door. It was delivered on time and we were pleased with the look of it. So far, so good.

DoorToday was fitting day. Our neighbour who was going to fit the door (his job is fitting doors and windows) came to check it out, only to discover that the door is the wrong size … not tall enough and too wide. First thought was that Husband had either measured incorrectly or selected the wrong size from the website. I apologise for doubting him.

There are two sizes produced … 80 x 32 and 78 x 33 which are standard front door sizes.  We ordered the 80 x 32.  The invoice clearly shows a door measuring 80 by 32. Do I need to tell you any more? 

I shall now end this post in the same way as I started:  ‘We have just [today] ordered a new front door. I wait with [yet more] bated breath.’

An update on my friends’ problems:  L’s carpets now sorted and looking fabulous. Not so the sofas. After an appalling catalogue of poor service, more than three months on, J has given up and asked for a refund. She will be left sitting on the floor whilst she seeks an alternative.

Why, oh why,  is it so difficult for companies to get things right?



    • Can’t pick up your email address, Savannah. Message me via the blog with your email and I will reject the comment (ie it won’t show on the blog) and will email you the company name. A recommendation for superb service when I ordered furniture from them (three times) is


  1. We are always nervous about choosing high-price items online. Thus, when we required a new front door we engaged the services of a carpenter/joiner and we simply chose the style of door. Yes, it was more expensive having this person carry out the work, and had husband been younger he’d have fitted the door himself, but having a joiner do this cut out the worry regarding perhaps ordering the incorrect size. In fact, he made a very good job of fitting the door (and all the new door furniture) although I’m sure husband would’ve made an equally good job had be been at least a decade younger (a door is a heavy item to fit for an 83 year old).


    • Husband fitted our last door but like you, Margaret, I feel that it’s too heavy a job nowadays. I want a composite door this time rather than wood, and our neighbour is an experienced fitter of these type. We now await one in the right size!


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