Not me!

Instagram. I don’t do it.  That is, I do not have an Instagram account. does not have an Instagram page or link or whatever is required.  So imagine my surprise when I was showing a colleague something on my blog and found that there is an instagram page with the same name as my blog. Instead of typing  into the browser, I just put thisissixty and that’s when I made the discovery.   As I don’t have an account I’m unable to read any posts but I can’t imagine that the lady whose account it is has had it for all that long because it shows that only 28 posts have been made. I reckon that I got there first!

I have paid to have my own domain and blog name, and continue to pay a yearly fee so I feel a little annoyed at this, but as WordPress and Instagram are unconnected, then I suppose nothing can be done,  and in the scheme of things, it’s not really a big deal, but just so you know, if you happen across    it’s NOT ME!

(I won’t pretend that I wouldn’t love her glossy hair and long, slim legs)!


Thank you, as always, for reading.


  1. There is also a blog of the same name, I believe, as my own, i.e. Devon Dreaming, but my website address is different, as you know, Eloise. I did have an IG account but I can’t now use it as I use a PC and it’s almost impossible to post photos from a PC, one needs a smart phone or tablet. I was using a program called Gramblr to post photos, but for some reason it was removed from the ether, just like that. And now, quite honestly, I can’t be bothered with IG. I can look at others’ photos, but I can also waste a significant amount of time doing this. I have my blog, and like you, enjoy writing my posts and taking photos for it. I don’t really need IG.


  2. I do have an Instagram account but it’s relatively recent. I was quite reluctant to set this up at first but I do enjoy taking photos. In theory, it’s linked to my blog but, in reality it isn’t! I also like to challenge myself on the ‘social media’ front, in terms of learning how to be able to do something that I couldn’t do before – haha! I understand your surprise because I also pay for my own domain and blog name. It took me ages to find an appropriate blog name because there are so many blogs with a French focus and, in the end, it was eldest son who came up with FancyingFrance. After all, what’s in a (blog) name?!


    • I’m not a particularly keen photographer (my husband’s forte) and I have deliberately not joined Instagram as I spend quite enough time on social media without the temptation to do so more often! Even now I sometimes struggle to visit the blogs I enjoy often enough. Maybe when I am retired.

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